Breakfast for Dinner Always Wins

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Caramel + Nutella + Bananas (instead of mango) + Sliced Almonds, all inside a Chocolate Crepe with Whipped Cream on the side = Perfection!

Wishful Wednesday
I want to go back here for my birthday. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, though, since it'll be rainy. But I really want to go back. And this P15,888+ "Sunny Day Guarantee" promo is making it harder and harder to resist!

Thoughtful Thursday

Went to the launch of Samantha Sotto's book Before Ever After with Marla and Mia last week. I read up about her story and how she got published by Random House (OH MY WOW!) and got so inspired. I started her book and I still can't believe that she just started writing all of it after watching The Time Traveler's Wife and then spending most mornings in a coffee shop while waiting to pick up her kid after school. A-mazing! Makes you believe that dreams really do come true and that the first step towards making them come true is taking action!

Fashion Friday
One of my favorite flats finally died a natural death, when it just split through the middle last Thursday night. Sniff. I loved that pair and I'm sad they don't sell the same model/color anymore. I ended up getting a pair of comfy flats on sale. (:


Happy Thoughts: Kababawan Edition

One of my outfits got featured on the newly-launched the mall.

I wore my red lippie today and a former officemate commented, "You look like you could be in a movie!"

Saw an old boss, who I haven't seen in years! She said, "I love your hair on you. So nice!"

Just yesterday, my seatmate told me I was looking a lot thinner. And though I'm really not (haha), it still felt nice to be told that I was.

Compliments may not come my way very often, but when they do, I get super kilig. So, thank you. (:


And everyone says, this love will change you

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

My go-to food orders at the Candy Blog.

Wishful Wednesday
People who reply, people who tell the truth not because they have to but because they want to, and all the time in the world to finally finish watching Chuck. One can hope.

Thoughtful Thursday

via Five Words

Fashion Friday
You should check out my friend's newest project at work: The Mall when it goes live this week! Got a sneak peek today and loved the section that lets you create your own outfit.

Virtual Mall

Sometimes, it's so much easier to shop online. There are so many sellers on Multiply and on Facebook, and all you really need to do is click on stuff.

But even then, it can be confusing to remember all those different websites to get different items: tops, dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, bag, accessories... the list goes on!

That's where The Mall comes in. The latest in e-shopping, The Mall used to be just a section in Preview's official website Stylebible.ph. Now, it's an entire site, where you can choose from different online vendors. You know what my favorite part is? You can add stuff to "your closet" and create outfits from those items! I got a sneak peek at the site and got to try it out.

Here are some of the outfits I came up with:

Like a Summer's Day in May

The Long and Short of It


Meet You at Sunset

How awesome is that? The Mall will be online this week so make sure you keep it bookmarked!


RIP Amy Winehouse

I wish I could say no regrets,
And no emotional debts,
And as we kiss goodbye the sun sets,
So we are history,
The shadow covers me,
The sky above a blaze that only lovers see


Chocoholics Anonymous

Actually, I admit it and embrace my chocoholic-ness wholeheartedly. I'm no chocolate snob. It doesn't matter if it costs P15 or as much as P1,500. If it's good chocolate, I'll eat it and love it just the same.

My love affair with chocolate started at a very young age. I remember Christmas in Marikina when I was a kid. My kuya and I would have our stockings filled with all kinds of chocolate and candy. I remember those blocks of chocolate wrapped in gold paper—some had pinipig, some had nuts. There were also chocolate coins, which tasted so good.

I graduated to Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, Barnone (the best chocolate bar EVER, bar none—DUH), Alpine White, KitKat, and Ferrero Rocher.

Of course, I also had local favorites like Serg's (RIP, sniff), Goya, and Choki Choki (which I used to have in my mouth 24/7, not kidding).

My most recent finds: Goya Chunky (I like the white one with cashews best), KitKat Orange, and M&M Pretzels (if any of you are coming from abroad, please bring me home a giant bag of this. I will pay you, of course!).

When I was at Yummy Eats a couple of months ago, I came across Risa Fine Bespoke Chocolates. We tried their truffles and my favorites were the ones with orange and Cerveza Negra. Since my friend Koko is friends with the owners, I was able to order through her a Cuadro in Tiramissyou. A block costs P280.

What's in it? It's white chocolate with a creamy center and is covered in cocoa powder just like tiramisu. I would have liked a stronger coffee flavor (I'm not sure there even is?), but I liked it enough to order twice. I can only have one piece at a time and I think it's perfect with a cup of coffee.

I'm not yet sure what I want to try next, but I'm thinking of trying the other flavors of Cuadro. The one with almonds looks really good!

What about you? What are your chocolate obsessions right now?


Things I Miss

♥ Staying in bed on lazy Sunday afternoons in my parents' bedroom while my mom watches/re-watches her Koreanovelas.
♥ Taking my cameras out.
♥ Talking to people on the phone for hours on end. (Though I don't think I can do this anymore.)
♥ Writing letters to my classmates in high school—even when we saw each other every single day.
♥ Eating anything and everything and not gaining a single pound or growing an inch.
♥ Holding someone's hand.
♥ Going on a trip.

This feels like a longer week than it is, but I'm looking forward to hump day! A long meeting then a movie that will totally remind me of high school. I just know I'll love it.


I can read you, you're my favorite book

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Salidou (Salted Butter Caramel crepe) from La Creperie

Wishful Wednesday

I wish I'd have cute babies someday. (:

Thoughtful Thursday

The best gifts are those that come with no occasion! Swapped beauty products for paper products. Love!

Fashion Friday

Treated myself this payday weekend. Got the shoes I was looking at for a week plus a top and a dress. I also got a few things from Mikko's stash. Thanks, love!


The Boy Who Was Loved

I was in high school when the books first came out. I didn't pay much attention to them until the paperbacks were in stock. My brothers and I have the first four books. The rest, I managed to borrow from friends, read on my computer, or both.

I know a lot of fans are very particular about how the books are translated into films, but I've always enjoyed all the films—missing scenes (and added ones, for that matter). I think the experience of reading the book and watching the film are two entirely different things.

That being said, I didn't know how to feel about the last film in this franchise. On one hand, I was excited to see how it would all unravel onscreen. But at the same time, my heart was hurting because this was a story I had followed for more than a decade!

One of the scenes I was looking forward to was Snape's memory. I loved reading that part in the book. And though it was reduced to minutes on film, I still think it was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Another favorite: Helena Bonham Carter as Hermione Granger.

A scene that got to me (more than I expected it to) was when Harry finally gets to open the Snitch in the Forbidden Forest. Kind of wish I had my own resurrection stone to bring back my loved ones. ):

There were some things I wish they had included, but I think that it was necessary. The movie was just right at about 2 hours-long. And seeing it in IMAX is a whole other experience. It's the only film done entirely in 3D so it's worth seeing in that medium.

I can't believe it's all over. Now excuse me while I go back and find my books and get lost in Hogwarts again.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in cinemas on July 14.


For the irony, I'd rather know

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Adobo Sulipan from Pancake House. My late dinner after catching Varekai last Friday.

Wishful Wednesday

Still contemplating whether I should get myself a satchel. I wonder if someone can customize it for me to look like this. My cousin says it looks like the pattern was printed on the bag.

Thoughtful Thursday

My friends and I have started to play this silly app on our iPods/iPhones. It's ridiculous how invested we are in it. But there's the occasional nugget of wisdom from the wee bitizens. My favorite so far: "Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now."

Fashion Friday

A silk shirt over a striped tee. I especially love the stripes over the shirt. So chic!


The Greatest Show On Earth

In the summer of 1997, I was part of the circus. Well, at least it was a Cirque du Soleil-inspired showcase of Pippin. (: With our costumes from the Repertory Philippines stock room and makeup by National Bookstore (glitters stuck to our face with eye putty by theater actresses), we did a show in the midst of a typhoon. Ever since, I've always dreamed of catching a Cirque show live.

Last night, I finally got a chance to step inside the Grand Chapiteau and witness my first ever Cirque du Soleil show. A few months ago, we had the privilege of seeing a 15-minute preview of Varekai and I was completely floored. We got to see the Icarian Games and the Solo on Crutches. I knew that I just had to see this live.

Fast forward to last night, after being stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours, I was prepared to be amazed. My friends Binky and Mikko had seen other Cirque shows prior to this one so I knew that they were more than happy to accompany me. Mikko, who has seen 4 shows already, says this was the one she enjoyed the most. We got the "cheapest" seats in the house, but by some miracle, we got moved closer to the stage when we got inside the tent. (:

I was like a little kid ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every act. My Top 3 favorites would be:

Aerial Hoop. Hanging on a hoop with just your flexed toes? Who does that?! A-mazing!

Triple Trapeze. I think anything suspended in air is bound to leave your jaw hanging open. But I loved these four girls who seemed to move like they were just one person.

Handbalancing on Canes. She was so graceful yet strong at the same time. Her movement was so fluid, you'd think she had no bones in her body!

And of course, the Russian Swings were just something else. Everyone in the audience was screaming at each loop de loop and each tumble. My heart was in my throat each time.

I'm so happy I got to see this. Now, I can't wait to see other Cirque du Soleil shows!

Catch Cirque du Soleil's Varekai until July 24. You can book tickets online through hoopla.ph. Photos courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.


Gratitude List

There are tons to be thankful for these days. And I've missed making lists like this!

Shopping with fake money. I got the top I've been looking at for months plus a pretty new dress for technically just P45.
Leaving my camera at home and dancing the night away. I usually bring my cam to concerts so I can take photos and videos, but this time around, I decided to just leave it. I didn't realize how much fun it is to be in nosebleed seats. We had our own party there.
Getting free tickets and giving them away. It turns out I was given tickets to Cirque's show last night, but I gave them to Mimi and Dyan. (: Spreading the magic!
Catching a pilot. Saw the first episode of Teen Wolf yesterday. My friends have been telling me to watch it already, but I haven't had a chance to. Now, I can catch it on TV. It premieres on July 17, 9pm on AXN.
Chocolate! I got myself another Cuadro from Risa Fine Bespoke Chocolates. I've gotten Tiramissyou twice already and I'm thinking of getting assorted truffles next. I also got a pack of KitKat Mint from the grocery the other day. They are delicious!
Letters. Got a surprise from Em through my brother. Loved the retro stickers and stationery!
Things from my mom. Funny how almost 3 and a half years have passed and she still continues to "give" me stuff. I found a black sheer maxi skirt in my closet with tags that have yellowed from age. My non-fancy jewelry are all courtesy of her. Bringing them out reminds me of our afternoons together, visiting the Asedillos and picking out charms for my bracelet.

What about you? What are you grateful for these days?


A Weekly Habit I Want to Start

Music Monday

Kylie Minogue on Tuesday! Who cares if we got cheap seats? It's going to be so much fun! I hope she sings "Did It Again," which is one of my favorite music videos ever.

Tasty Tuesday

Don Juan's garlic chili sauce goes great with everything!!! And this coming from me, the girl with the lowest tolerance for spicy things! I've successfully converted 7 of my officemates and they're converting more people. Haha.

I finally tried Wicked Kitchen with my former officemates. I wanted to try the Beef and Beer Pie, but they said it would take 20-30 minutes (what!?). It was already 9pm and I was hungry for 2 hours already. Decided to order the Crispy Bagoong Rice, which thankfully did not disappoint! Also tried their take on a pizookie: Gluttony, a giant chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of Mantecado ice cream. It was pretty good, but I think I can make it on my own. It just made me miss my oven more! ):

Wishful Wednesday
When I was in high school, my friends and I took a summer workshop at Repertory Philippines. Our showcase was Pippin inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Our teachers Michael Williams and Rem Zemora showed us a recording of a show and ever since, I've always dreamed of catching a show live. Thanks to my friends Mikko and Binky (they both watched LOVE in Las Vegas) for indulging me. We're catching it this Friday! Despite the "cheap seats" (those tickets don't come cheap, eep), I am so excited!

Thoughtful Thursday

I have weirdly-shaped lips (they're pointy on top) so I have a hard time wearing lipstick. Been wanting to find a shade of red I can wear and Tatin tried one on me. She says I should look for a warm red. Mimi on the other hand looks fabulous in any red shade! I'm jealous.

Fashion Friday

I want a pair of these Tassel Flats from Posh Pocket Shoes. O: Should I get them?