Photo Diary: Bangkok, Thailand

While I was  in Macau, there was a seat sale for domestic and international flights. My friends decided to book a trip in September to Bangkok and without even thinking twice (I wasn't even sure if I had the budget for it, haha), I told them to book me a ticket too.

Fast forward to two months later, I flew to Thailand with this fun bunch with the promise of good food, interesting culture, and cheap shopping. I wish I took more photos during the rest of the trip (most of these were taken during the tour our first day in the city), but I don't regret living in the moment and enjoying my vacation.

I was so obsessed with the tiles! Can you spot the frog on the rock?

How could I not? Hehe!

Had this Mango Yoghurt drink from CoCo twice because it was SO yummy!

Definitely looking forward to more trips and adventures. But maybe next year. Time to save up again!