New Digs!

I barely touch the layout of this blog, because I don't understand how the Blogger template works. Ha ha! I used to have such a broad knowledge of HTML. But now? I am reduced to knowing tags limited to customizing how text looks and adding images. Boo.

Nothing really new except for the background (I have a thing for the color grey/gray and diagonal lines) and the header (I also have a thing for clouds, apparently). Some of you might already know that I Google (now, Blackle) for fonts when I'm bored. I am obsessing over the two fonts (sets of font? eh.) you see on the header. I ♥ you, TrashHand and King Cool KC!

A question for YM9 users, does it sometimes not show your status message? Because, among other obsessions, I love changing my status message from time to time. And this morning, if refused to show anything. I quit YM and re-opened it, but it still wouldn't change my status. Harrr.


The Beauty Of Having A Scanner

There's something comforting about looking at old photographs.

I'm not even sure if I remember it right, but I think this photo was taken in Baguio. Those were my favorite red shoes. And it was summer. I don't know why we're all frowning except for Manu, but pictures with my brothers always make my heart smile.


From a list of 10

"A realization that this is the way my life is unraveling. There is no rule that says I cannot be 25 this way."

My biggest fear is to lose my parents. I was scared to death at the sight of my mom writhing in pain tonight. I am relieved that we are okay again. But more importantly, I am happy.


Let's Have A Cookie Par-tay!

When I got this in my inbox this afternoon, I thought, "what a great idea."

I'm in love with Penny Brown Smackers, so this Cookie Sandwich was very promising. Especially since I'm sure it isn't very messy to eat.

Then, while my friend and I were discussing it (yes, we take our desserts very seriously), I mused that it would be a nice idea for a party.

My birthday is this Friday and I still haven't planned anything.

What do you think? A Cookie Sandwich party worth trying? I'll just lay out different kinds of cookies and make different spreads. And to counter the sweet, we can lay out crackers and cheese, or something.

Problem is, I'm down to my last thousand and something, because I paid for my brother's tuition (not complaining, merely narrating). So. I guess, it's something to think about for next year's celeb. *sigh*

Sayang. It would've been so "biscuits and tea." (Please say with a British accent. Hee.)


Oh, Pushing Daisies, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

  1. Ned, the piemaker, and his luscious pies.
  2. Chuck's pretty dresses and color-coded ensembles. I ♥ them!
  3. Emerson "Pooh" Cod's knitting and "Oh, hell no!" (I couldn't stop LOL-ing when he was calling Olive's money in Episode 5. Ha ha!)
  4. Olive Snook who is all kinds of adorable and her awesome singing voice. Episode 5's jumping on the bed scene is made of WIN!
  5. Jim Dale's narration. It's like hearing a storybook being read out loud.
  6. Young Ned and his hair. I love that it looks like a bowl was put over his head and the scissors just traced around the edge. Haha!
  7. The many variations of Ned/Chuck touching. Bee suits FTW!
  8. Random details like figurines of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys.
  9. The quirky aunts Lily and Vivian who get high on homeopathic pies.
  10. The unbelievable colors. I love that they're so bright and cheery even if every episode is all about, well, death. And life. And yeah, death again. Haha!

Why don't they show this series in the Philippines!? My hard drive is in dire need of resuscitation! Ha ha! I am down to my last 2GB. Yikes.