Do not cross this line

A month ago, on our way home from buying baking supplies, we passed through Farmer's Market in Cubao. I've been meaning to blog about this but I didn't have visual evidence. Haha!

So yesterday, when we passed by the same area, I tried to take the best shot I could. If you click on the thumbnail, you'll see a security guard on the corner with what looks like a yellow and blue rope attached to the post. See those people behind him? They're people waiting to cross. When the cars are at a stop light, the string goes down and people are free to cross the intersection.

Are Filipinos really that bad at following directions that they need ropes to tell them when to cross and when not to? I couldn't believe it at first, but seriously, this is real! Don't you find it strange?


Work it

The past week was rather hectic and I almost felt a fever coming the other night. (You know, when your throat feels scratchy and all your joints are aching when you wake up?) Instead of drinking medicine, I slept a little bit past 9 for the past two nights. And I'm proud to say, I'm not feeling sick anymore. (: The other night, I woke up every hour after midnight, but willed myself to go back to sleep until 6 in the morning. I managed to get out of bed and was working an hour later on the computer yesterday morning. Go, me!

Are you a workaholic when you expect people to have the same work ethics as you do? You know, get your work done before going home (unless you plan to finish it at home, maybe?) or not having other people worry about your responsibilities as much as possible? I've always had a hard time passing work stuff to other people because I've always hated people doing that to me. (Back read through my blog archive and you'll know what I mean, haha) Maybe sometimes, I really should adjust my expectations.


Afternoon Tea with Mommy

I attended a flash fiction workshop for the "What's Your Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Story" media launch yesterday afternoon. We were asked to write something in twenty minutes and this is what I came up with. In all its unedited glory. (:

I was never a tea drinker. In my head, tea always tasted like medicine. As I grew older, I started to try tea. First the basic lemon or chamomile, then moving on to flavored ones raspberry or cherry blossom. As I sit here, alone, in this dimly-lit café, I sip my warm tea, infused with earthy flavors. Then I remember my mother, the only tea drinker in the house. I smile silently, remembering her morning ritual of steeping tea. I now love tea, because of her. Everytime I prepare a glass, or purchase a cup, I always think of her.

Yay for 100 words! d: If you want to share your story, too, check out the details here.


Today I believe in love.

I started reading Everything is Illuminated a few days ago. There's a part when Alex (I think?) describes the sky looking gray almost like concrete. I couldn't picture it, but when I woke up this morning, that's exactly how the sky looked like. A concrete sky. It's been gloomy all morning. I like weather like this only when I'm indoors, cozy under my comforter.

I'm trying to finish the book, though, because I finally got a copy of Eat, Pray, Love (only P299 from a different bookstore, because they're on sale)! Em has been telling me to read it (even offering to give me a copy just so I can) so I'm happy I chanced upon it the other day. It says on the book cover, one woman's search for everything. And I'm curious, does she really find everything?


Possibly my favorite song from Avenue Q

Oh, you think your life sucks?

I think so.

Your problems aren't so bad!
I'm kinda pretty
And pretty damn smart.

You are.

I like romantic things
Like music and art.
And as you know
I have a gigantic heart
So why don't I have
A boyfriend?
It sucks to be me!


haha! this is funny.

I have no idea why the table is pushed all the way down in this entry. O:

Behold... My Future
I will marry Penn Badgley.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in LA in our fabulous Apartment.
We will have 10 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a Black Beetle.
I will spend my days as a Baker, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

Now, how to get to NY and steal Penn from Blake?

To my favorite boy in the world

My number one fan. My willing taste tester. My personal cheerleader. My instant happy pill. He takes me to the office every morning, even on weekends that I need to go to work. He sits with me when I'm having breakfast, and will pour my water for me. He makes the best silly faces and has the heartiest laugh.

I no longer remember how it is to have full-length conversation with him ever since that day in August, the year of 1998. I don't know when I'll be able to cheer him on during a game of golf. I miss pre-wheelchair dad, but I love him all the more now. There is something about having an unspoken language between you and a person dear to you. How I know what his gestures and facial expressions mean. Or how I know that Saturday nights are lacking when I'm not beside him on a pew in Church. Or how I know that something as simple as brushing his teeth makes me feel important.

These days, I like to ask him if he misses mom. And his eyes turn glassy. He never cries, but I know he misses her like crazy. But he says that she comes to him at night at his bedside and I know that she'll always reassure him.

I have the best parents in the world. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you!


Free day

Now I remember why I've always had perfect attendance. Or how I've never used up any leaves since I started work. I get bored at home so easily. Ha ha! The day isn't halfway done and I've run out of things to do.

Well, there is the business of baking cookies for tomorrow's order. And then, there's half of Forever in Blue that I finally got around to reading! And then, I asked my dad if we could visit mom today. It's their wedding anniversary tomorrow. Thirty years. I can only dream of finding someone I can stay with that long.

And if everything goes according to the master plan in my head, I might get to go ukay shopping today. (: Too bad none of my friends are free to go today. My best friend is back to night shift and my other ukay buddy is en route to Oman (isn't that in the Middle East?) for a show. d:


Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything

My friend sent me a link to this video today. We then started talking about old Disney movie soundtracks. My Top Three would definitely be Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. Sadly, my copies are all in cassette tape form. (Mahal ang CD ng mga panahong yun no!) So I downloaded the torrents and now, I am happily listening to my Disney tracks. Ahhh! I loooove.

Haha! I used to have a huge crush on Aladdin. :)) I memorized the entire soundtrack, including the dialogue parts in the middle. d: Yes, even "Legend of the Lamp." Haha!

I can't believe I can still sing along to most of the songs that are playing now.

What's your favorite Disney soundtrack?


Different People

I think I'm one of those people who will never forget something wrong that's been done to me or to people I love. I am very particular with how people treat others. Because I've always believed that once a person has done something, they can always do it again. Call me jaded, but that's how I see the world. While it's so easy for some to forget, I seem to always remember.

This is what happens when I've been up since 5:30am and still up past 10. It's past my bedtime!!!


Kahlua Cupcakes

So it seems that momentary lapse is officially gone! When you will things to happen, they actually do. Haha!

I started out with a recipe for old-fashioned chocolate cupcakes, but replaced the espresso with Kahlua. After baking the cupcakes, I tried out one and decided that the coffee flavor wasn't strong enough. So I mixed some more Kahlua, water, and espresso powder in a bowl. This is what I use for brushing the lady fingers (broas) for Tiramisu. So I ladled a teaspoon on top of each cupcake and let it seep into the cake.

The result was a subtle hint of coffee with just the right kick from the Kahlua. I didn't want to spend too much time with the frosting so I settled with just whipped cream spiked with even more Kahlua. Ha ha! Next time, I think I'm going to try a cream cheese frosting. I think it'd go well with the coffee flavor. It might even taste like Tiramisu! Yummy!