Things I Miss

♥ Staying in bed on lazy Sunday afternoons in my parents' bedroom while my mom watches/re-watches her Koreanovelas.
♥ Taking my cameras out.
♥ Talking to people on the phone for hours on end. (Though I don't think I can do this anymore.)
♥ Writing letters to my classmates in high school—even when we saw each other every single day.
♥ Eating anything and everything and not gaining a single pound or growing an inch.
♥ Holding someone's hand.
♥ Going on a trip.

This feels like a longer week than it is, but I'm looking forward to hump day! A long meeting then a movie that will totally remind me of high school. I just know I'll love it.

1 comment:

  1. i miss writing to my high school friends too! i found a box of all the letters we wrote each other! i don't know how we managed to listen in class! haha.

    holding someone's hand? <3 haha, that the best kind of nice indeed ;)


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