Wise words from the doctor

"Almost dying doesn't change anything. Death changes everything."


I wish I could write again

I'm swimming in a sea of faces
trying to float my way to you
but it's no use
in a crowded room
where everybody wants you

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It seemed like a dream, a beautiful scream

Where did September go? I can't believe we're already halfway through the month. It seems like days are bleeding into each other. The only punctuation marks are my first trip to La Union since grade school, the first successful high school reunion (29 attendees, 30 if you count the ones on phone patch), hello and goodbyes at work, and the dreaded move.

If I could have it my way, I'd stay put. I'm stubborn that way. But things keep changing and we need to move forward.

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of a mistake I made a few years back. And I couldn't believe that I still had so much hate in me. I decided that it's finally time to let it go. Maybe all this negative energy has been creating a negative force field around me. And it's been way too long for me to drag all this baggage around. Tama na. I thought I had already freed myself, but whenever I cringe at the thought of... the mistake, I realize maybe I haven't fully forgotten.

So tonight, in the middle of September, I say goodbye to that awful chapter of my life when I allowed myself to be used and to be treated in a way I never thought possible. I will never ever settle for less than what I truly deserve. And I will pray that I never have to.



Are you a picky person when it comes to friends? I mean, even to something as trivial as your Multiply or Friendster friends list? Or do you just add whoever, because s/he looks remotely familiar or s/he's the friend of the cousin of your second grade seatmate?

Haha, I realize this blog has been a dumping ground for so many very random thoughts.

But seriously, is that good Netiquette? To add people just because they added you? Or is it okay not to do anything to those requests? Not like it's a matter of life and death, but a friend pointed out the other day at the amount of requests I had on a certain site. And I said, "I don't know them!" or "Hindi ko naman kasi siya friend." Does that make me a meanie? (I am actually an SMG: secret mean girl. Haha!) Because to me that girl who I "know" in high school isn't my friend unless we actually talked and interacted. Riiiight?

Wala lang. I don't even know why I bother. :)) But it's something I've always wanted to post about. Do you approve everyone who requests to be your friend? (Haha, this can be applied to real life interaction also, come to think of it.) Because I know I don't just cozy up to everysingleperson I meet. Haha!

Grabe, masyado kong sineseryoso ang mga bagay-bagay. Good night!