Random funny

I always say how much I love my job now. And I do. But there are still days when I get worried because I don't know if I'm doing a good job. I get scared whenever we meet for progress reports because I get tongue-tied whenever I get asked, "Why?" Harr.

But this week, it made me laugh in the middle of the meeting when the superboss said, "Don't be afraid of me. I'm nice. I met your mom pa nga at the acupuncture clinic." Hahaha! How can you be afraid of someone who remembers such random details like that?!


I'm super loving this song right now. (Download) Mutya has always been my favorite Sugababe. d:



And by that, I don't mean the dolls with over-sized heads.

My parents meant well, I'm sure. Not letting us commute, having someone clean up after us, cook our meals, wash our clothes, make our beds. The list goes on.

I hate to say it but we've turned into brats. I'm not particularly proud of the fact. I wake up and instantly go downstairs without even thinking about the sheets I left crumpled and my pillows scattered on my bed. I've gotten used to eating breakfast and coming back to my room with my bed back in order. I don't put away my plate after eating. I don't think of what to cook for lunch or dinner. It's already cooked when I want to eat.

Fast forward to today. Our maid has left a few months ago, my cousin who stays with us and helps out around the house went back to the province, my dad's yayo isn't back from his province, and the driver went home to celebrate their town's fiesta. We have taken turns washing the dishes, putting away our clothes that are back from the laundry, and tidying up our rooms. I don't like washing dishes. Especially after a lunch of lechon kawali and lots of Mang Tomas. I don't like driving, I've realized. Or at least driving as a chore. I tried faking sleep just so I wouldn't have to drive—but eventually, I had to "wake up" because my Kuya was really asleep. I snapped at everyone who talked to me because I hated being asked to do something.

What a brat. I really wish I didn't turn out this way. It would be great if I knew how to get to work and not just by taking a cab. Or that I could go a week without my mom to cook food for me or have Laundry Express wash my clothes. I know my parents aren't to blame, but maybe them meaning well, kind of backfired.


Good friends saying good-bye

In exactly one week, Lani will be boarding a plane out of the country. It still feels unreal, even if we already had a "despedida" (she refuses to call it that) last night at Ziggie's house. It feels unreal because just a few weeks ago, I was on the beach with her and we were planning to go on more adventures together. I still feel like she'll be with us on our beach trip next month. But by that time, she would've probably started design school, met new friends, and slowly adjusted to her new life for the next nine months.

Good luck, Lani! I hope you have an awesome time there. Niña and I will try to visit you when Alyn comes home this October. Whoo! International adventure? d:


Daddies ♥

He must be such a family man. When asked who his fave model was, he proceeded to describe him as "this tall," gesturing a few feet up the ground, and that he was only so many months old. He was talking about his son, Jack. Aww. ♥ What a daddy. Hehe!

Speaking of dad's, it's my favorite boy's birthday today! For the past couple of weeks, I've been asking him what he wanted but he would always just shrug like he didn't know what he wanted. So this morning, when they came back from Mass, I sang to him—in my over-sized shirt, messy hair, and morning breath—the most awful "Happy Birthday" song. Hahaha! He laughed and sang along. I ♥ my Daddy! There are days I still wonder, though, what life would be like if that moment didn't happen eight-turning-nine years ago.