Where did the month go?

I really wish life had a pause button.

It's so busy sometimes, I don't realize that it's been 24 hours already. Sigh.

My 9pm bedtime is long gone. Hope to see you again in 2010!


5 Stages

  1. Denial
  2. "I just missed the first song. No way is it over."
    "And for our last song. This is called 'Summertime'." (insert expletives and hysteria here)
  3. Anger
  4. "Why did they go first?! Shouldn't they have been second? I mean, Jed Madela? COME ON."
  5. Bargaining
  6. "Maybe if I didn't have that burger..."
    "Maybe they'll have a secret show somewhere? Please, please, please..."
  7. Depression
  8. I spent the entire Sunday under the covers save for some Internet break and a cup of ice cream. It almost felt like I had just broken up with someone. I didn't want to talk, I just wanted to cry. No, scratch that. I wanted to die.
    Come on, my friend sent this message to me: You'll get over it, it will just take a bit of time I guess.
  9. Acceptance
  10. Today, I have not stopped listening to their songs. I have started to laugh at my "depression." And more importantly, I am out of my room and eating.

Who would've thought it would hit me this hard?!


Destination: beautiful

Who would have thought that after almost two years after this, I will actually get to see MAE perform live?

Me with Jacob Marshall, MAE's drummer.

So what if they're playing just five songs tonight? So what if they're not even the main act? My heart is really dancing on air because never in a million years did I think I'd get to see one of my favorite bands live, much less meet them. Like they said at the press con yesterday, it's been a long time coming. I'm sure there are lots of fans who are thrilled that they're finally here. I know I am. It's like college all over again. (:

Here's hoping they play "Embers and Envelopes" tonight. I think I might cry.

Happy birthday to me. (:


New shoes

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right
I said hey, I put some new shoes on and everyone's smiling, it's so inviting
Oh, short on money but long on time
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine
And I'm running late and I don't need an excuse
'Cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes

Pizza lunch at the office with the sweetest Candy Girls, surprise gifts, and dinner with the family. Doesn't really take much to make a birthday happy. (:


I made a mix.

It's actually an old mix, but I listened to it last night on my way home and I figured I'd upload it and share with everyone.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

01 Ingrid Michaelson - "Starting Now" (link)
02 The Weepies - "All Good Things" (link)
03 Lenka - "Bring Me Down" (link)
04 Ingrid Michaelson - "Be Ok" (link)
05 She & Him - "Take It Back" (link)
06 Mates of State ="You are Free" (link)
07 Stars - "Today Will Be Better, I Swear!" (link)
Cover art (link)

Hope you all have a safe and dry weekend. (:


the neverending wish list.

Fifi Lapin in Delia*s

Fifi Lapin in Forever 21

So anong balak mo sakin, Fifi, mamulubi ako? Hay, I love you. HAHA!


Grab a copy of our October issue! (:

My pretty cupcakes are co-starring with some yummy-smelling beauty products. Hee hee.

Here's a sneak peek at the issue.


I believe in the power of prayer

Stay safe, be prepared, but most important of all, PRAY.

"Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.

"We acknowledge our sins against You and the rest of creation.

"We have not been good stewards of Nature.

"We have confused Your command to subdue the earth.

"The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference.

"Global warming is upon us. Typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, and other natural calamities occur in increasing number and intensity.

"We turn to You, our loving Father, and beg forgiveness for our sins.

"We ask that we, our loved ones and our hard earned possessions be spared from the threat of calamities, natural and man-made.

"We beseech You to inspire us all to grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, and generous neighbors to those in need.



Keep safe and dry

I didn't know what I was going to be dealing with when I woke up to a rather rainy Saturday morning. I got some weekend articles up and even watched an episode of House before finally getting ready for the Candy Fair. Manu left for work and Nior left for Ateneo just minutes before I was ready to go. Then as I made my way downstairs, I saw that water had already come in our house.

Now this isn't something strange to me. Whenever the rain pours non-stop, we're bound to get flooded in. But I never knew it could reach this magnitude. The water rose so fast and we were completely caught off-guard. I didn't even know there was a storm coming. The first few steps were okay. We were calm and I actually still thought I could leave the house when the floodwater subsides.

Then it reached our first floor landing. I could no longer see the door to my kuya's bedroom. That scared me. I prayed the rosary maybe four times continuously. I looked out the window and our neighbor's house was almost 3/4 submerged. Kuya Mong and I already started looking for openings we could swim out through in case we needed to. We got worried because Daddy would have trouble getting out. We just prayed and prayed for the rain to stop so that the water would subside.

The old couple living across us were finally rescued by some people around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I watched as people with an inflatable boat tried to save stranded people across our house.

At around 6pm, the water finally started to subside. This after watching some of Kuya Mong's shoes float around just inches from the ceiling of our first floor. We talked to our household help through the window (they stayed on the second floor of their quarters at the back of our house) and saw the refrigerators floating in the water. By 8pm, the water had completely gone down and we were able to get some food (leftover rice and two cans of tuna afritada). Dad was already hungry at 11am and we had nothing to feed him but 1/4 a bag of Ruffles and some Ricola from my bag. Manu and Nior were also finally able to come home. Nior brought home some food, which we will probably share for breakfast this morning.

I am so grateful that my family is safe. I hope that everyone who got stranded are safe now. Still waiting for word from people in Brookside Hills, Cainta. My best friend's family lives there and she says she hasn't heard from them since 2pm yesterday. If anyone knows the situation there, please leave a comment.

If you want to help, there are ways you can. Let's do our part to help the victims of this massive flood.


Are you ready?

I can't believe I'm going on my fourth year at work. And tomorrow, we're having the fourth Candy Fair! I love that I get to work by going to a fair. Haha, cute boys, fun game booths, lots of food, and shops! Can't wait to check out the Accessorize booth. 20% off tomorrow, Candy Girls!

I've been eying these for a while now.

Aren't they pretty? Also checked out a teacup and teaspoon necklace and a bird necklace. Wah! So many cute things!

Interview about Listography came out on QTV last night. Didn't get to catch it because I had dinner with my high school girls. My dad was so cute. He woke up at 10pm just to watch it. (:


It's love, it's not Santa Claus.

Tom: What happens when you fall in love?
Summer: You believe in that?
Tom: It's love, it's not Santa Claus.

Cannot wait for this movie. I've been obsessing for a while now. October 21, why are you so far away?


Macy-3, Dengue-0

I am back from the hospital. Yay! I was diagnosed with Dengue H. Fever last Wednesday evening and was stuck in the hospital until Sunday afternoon. But I am all better now and back to work.

I was sitting in morning traffic and realized that today, 09/09/09, is exactly two months away from when I turn 27. (TWENTY-FREAKIN'-SEVEN!) And I thought, hey, how about a birthday wish list. Hahaha. Because I know I'll never get old for that kind of list. d:

  1. A nice camera.

    I love that it looks like an old camera and that you can actually change the lens. And, it looks pretty! (:

  2. The Diana mini.

    Because it fits in your palm! And it uses 35mm film.

  3. A Fifi Lapin bag!

    In Fifi in the Sky print. I waaaant it.

  4. A nice pair of grey skinny jeans.

    Thanks, Mix! (:

  5. A phone that has wifi but doesn't have a QWERTY keypad.

    I saw this a few weeks ago on Techie.com.ph. I almost bought the E51 when my phone conked out but there were too many bad reviews. Hoping this one is better!

  6. Dresses, dresses, dresses!

    A few dresses I found on Forever 21. Because one of my favorite white dresses from one of my good friends is about to retire soon. ):

  7. A comfy pair of black flats.

    Because even if I've learned how to wear heels, I think one should have a pair of classic flats that goes with everything.

Okay, now where to get all the money for these things. Hmm.


Sending this out to the universe

My head is about to explode (and it's just 10 in the morning) from all this planning and slide editing. But I had to stop for a few minutes and join this most awesome contest in the world.

Fifi Lapin, I ♥ you! Please make me win that bag! (:


Motherless daughters

I am jealous. Jealous of people with mothers alive and physically present. Mothers who they can touch and hug and say I love you to while looking them in the eyes. I am jealous of those who have mothers yet take them for granted.

Be patient with them. Believe me when I tell you, you will regret every single rant, every single impatient thought you've had when she's no longer there to nag you, make you kulit, and be the typical mother.

I have never been affected this much by someone's death, someone I never knew. Never.


Please, please, please let me get what I want this time

via ZooeyDeschanel

For the ladies, what do you do when it's that time of the month? I've been trying to concentrate on finishing these slides I need for a seminar at work, but my twitching female innards (haha) are distracting me. I want a bed and lots of darkness right about now. Sigh.

Trying to get by with a fizzy drink (somehow I've brainwashed myself into thinking that Coke solves all my girly problems), some good music (found a link to the 500 Days of Summer OST), and the cool AC. I want to go home. /:


The Breakfast Club

What is your favorite meal of the day?

I personally love breakfast. I can eat breakfast three times a day if I could. My ultimate favorite kind of breakfast would be anything that involves garlic rice, some eggs, and a plateful of bacon fried to crisp perfection drizzled with pancake syrup.

But just recently, I've been addicted to PB and Nutella toast. Sometimes I put half and half just like in the picture and some days I also like swirling them together before popping it in the oven. I am wiping my drool as I type this. Haha!

I saw a recipe for Nutella bread pudding (you cut up a Nutella sandwich, place it in a pan with eggs and milk and bake it the oven for a bit) and I've been meaning to try it. Maybe one of these days I will and I'll let you know how it goes. d:



Sometimes, all it takes is a nice pair of shoes (that you've been desperately eying for two weeks now) and bright toe nails that you painted yourself to get through a busy week. (:


Today's playlist

♥ Feist - "Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)"
♥ Passion Pit - "Make Light"
♥ Sondre Lerche - "Heartbeat Radio"
♥ The Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition"
♥ Wilco feat. Feist - "You and I"


You're wearing out my favorite song.

Tell me what's the deal with the static
FM has become automatic
I wanna know, did the DJ drown
In a sea of reverb and compression
Wait till you hear the refrain
On my heartbeat radio

Cannot stop listening to it.

via Stereogum


Tipid Modes

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm broke. Technically, I'm not really "poor." I still get driven to work and home from work albeit with a broken down Tamaraw. I eat three meals a day. And I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in every night. But of course, you can't help but feel "poor" when you need to worry about daily grocery expenses, bills, and such instead of just enjoying your hard-earned cash for I don't know, some extremely superficial luxury, like a pedicure. Hahaha.

So recently, I've had a few cheap thrills to help me save up.

  1. Bringing baon to work everyday.
    I usually buy my lunch at the mini food court in our building. Although my lunch usually costs around P60-P100, bringing food from my house is so much cheaper! Then since I got to save some money, I have some to spare for merienda (usually an P18 doughnut). Not bad.

  2. Seeing my cupcakes in a magazine.
    Was thrilled to no end when I saw a guestbook entry on my Multiply about my cupcakes in the June issue of Real Living. Yay for free advertising!

  3. Learning to do my own nails.
    I have a kit at home for manicures and pedicures. I think I got it from one of the events I've attended before. Up until the other night, I haven't used it. I bought a cheap bottle of cuticle remover (only P12 in Watsons!) and tried to give myself a pedicure. Tried out one of the bottles of polish I got from my boss's beauty stash. It's probably nowhere near professional but at least my nails look clean! (:

Hopefully, I don't clean up my bank account this time. (: Happy weekend!


Waldas at lustay

Sometimes, there's really nothing else to make us feel better than eating and shopping. Seriously.

  1. A huge ass burger. And not just any burger. A Wagyu burger. Confession: I've never actually had anything Wagyu so I have no point of comparison. That said, I thought this burger was awesome. And I liked that they put the veggies on the side—so you can put as much or as little (like me, hahaha) as you want. I don't know how you guys eat your burger (no top bun, with fork and knife?) but I just get down and pick it up. Smoosh it a bit if it's gigantic and smash it into my mouth. Is there any other way to eat a burger?

    Available at Brothers Burger for P350 this week.

  2. I bought a hair iron over a year ago when I had full bangs. Then, I dropped it and part of the ceramic plate fell off. I tried using Mighty Bond to glue it back on (don't do it!) but ended up getting my hair stuck in the cracks when I tried ironing with it. Haha! So I figured it was about time I got a new one. I ended up spending WAY more than I did last time but I figured, maybe it'll last me longer? I also learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron so it's sort of a double duty tool now. (Yes, justifying the purchase!)

  3. Before an event, my officemates and I looked around the store across where we were supposed to go. We ended up leaving the store with a pair of sandals each. Fell in love with this pair the moment I slipped them on. I want to get a brown and black pair, too! And you can actually wet them! Like wear them on the beach. Plus, they're made from recycled material.

    Manhattan in white available at Ocean Minded in Megamall Atrium.

So now, I'm broke. Like I will need to bring baon everyday for the next few weeks. Hahaha! And not visit a mall for a few months. Help!

This ridiculous shopping spree fueled by a recent disappointment in my life. But at least now, I'm happy. d:


Family Sundays

Love is...

eating cake with family while looking at a slideshow of over 6000 pictures of a trip worth two months.
handing over a game console because your sister missed playing it while you were away. (HAHAHA! ADDICT!!!)
sharing a bag of Miniatures and each having his own favorite therefore everyone getting a piece of chocolate. Mmm, Mr. Goodbar!

I missed having my relatives over. Food was really good this Sunday. Barbecue, Pixie's Sinugba (OMGILOVETHISSTUFF), pancit (for long life! hahaha!), and cake and ice cream for dessert.

I always complain about what I don't have. Should always remind myself of the other blessings I keep forgetting to recognize. (:



I like how everything looks old and faded. Can't wait to go back. Someday when I have time (and when I have money).


It's the way I see everything I need

On repeat since the other night when my brother made me listen to it.

I love the choir that sings "higher and higher and higher..." (:

Been streaming their Manners album all day. Need to copy it from my brother. Haha!


How You Cookin'?

The Getting to Know You Quiz
via How to Eat a Cupcake

Metal or non-stick? Non-stick. Less mess. (:

Cast iron or stainless? I'm not sure. Both?

Cutting board: silicone or wood? Wood. I don't think I've ever owned a silicone board.

Knife: carbon steel or stainless? I rarely use the knife so I'm not sure, either. Is there a difference? Haha.

Kitchenaid or hand mixer? KitchenAid fo sho. I have two. One handed down to me by my Mommy and one given to me as a gift by her sisters.

Cooktop: gas, electric, induction? Gas. That's the only one we have I think.

Side-by-side, freezer on top, fridge on top? Right now, freezer on top. (: I don't have a house of my own yet, therefore no refrigerator of my own, either.

Apron or whoops? I have lots of aprons at home! But it's just too hot to wear one. I really should though. I keep getting myself in flour or confectioner's sugar. Haha! I have cute one that looks like a dress (my brother gave it to me for Christmas) and another one that says Pushing Daisies across it.

Mashed potatoes: by hand, ricer, or mixer? I haven't made mashed potatoes in a loooong time. But I think I mash them with a fork... by hand.

Sandwich or wrap? Sandwiches are easier to make. But only because sandwich bread is easier to find here in Manila. Haha!

PB & _________ ? Nutella! Duh. d:

Pancakes: syrup or applesauce? Do you even put apple sauce on pancakes? Maple syrup! Or peanut butter and Nutella. Haha, sorry, those are two of my favorite things to eat.

Cake: scratch or mix? Scratch. I don't think I've ever made a cake from box mix.

Chili: beans or no? I've never made chili... so.

Napkin: cloth or paper? We only use the paper ones here at home.

BBQ: takes the whole weekend to make or take out? It doesn't take the whole weekend to make! d: I love the chicken barbecue our houseboy and all-around helper makes. It's got soy sauce, ketchup, sugar, and a bit of white wine in it. Mmm, tasty!

Chicken: white or dark? I don't really have a preference. I usually go for the bigger part. Hahaha!

Ice cream: cone or dish? Either way, I'll eat it! But if it's in a cone I like waffle cones or sugar cones. (: Mmm. Now I want some ice cream!

Answer it, too!


Take me on a trip, I'd like to go someday

I didn't realize I haven't been updating until a friend told me to blog here already. And when I checked this morning, I saw that my last entry was over a month ago!

I've gone on three vacations already (2 to the beach and 1 to the mountains). Almost through fixing all my requirements for another vacation. And celebrating the birthdays of my May loves.

I got on a plane by myself this year. Waiting two whole hours alone in an airport and did not once wish I had someone with me. Treated myself to a well-deserved vacation and enjoyed immensely. The last time I did this was two years ago.

Just when you think things aren't going to get any better than this, God still has some surprises up his sleeve. This year is turning out great. (: Couldn't ask for anything more. I am so blessed.


From last night's dinner

The waitress said this was good for six. Six what, bites? Hahaha. Good thing it was yummy. And we ordered soup, spicy garlic mushrooms, and baked eggplant. And I am happy to report, I liked the baked eggplant. Went well smooshed on the garlic bread it came with. Baby steps, people, baby steps.



Warming up

One of my many cheap thrills: seeing my Gmail theme change with the weather.

Not a cheap thrill (not even a thrill, at all!): having to pay for a car that I didn't even crash myself. Sigh. Parting with my money has been way too often these days!


The Return of Macy's Fields

The past month has revived my baking. It started with the mini cheesecakes I made for our team's brainstorming. They were really easy to make (they were just your basic baked cheesecake) and putting them in cupcake liners made them easier to serve. We smothered the cakes with Nutella and blueberry preserves. I am drooling just thinking about it.

Then just this weekend, I made MoKahlua cookies (which is easily becoming everyone's favorite—I wonder why my Kahlua goodies are always an instant fave! hahaha) and mini cheesecakes for my friend's garage sale. It was just for fun and I ended up selling all the cheesecakes to my friends and my friend's family.

After dinner tonight, I was munching on a piece of Toffifee. I was thinking of making a Toffifee-inspired cake or cupcake. What do you think of a chocolate cupcake with a Nutella buttercream and caramel drizzle? Will experiment this weekend. (:


I just have to blog this before I forget.

Text exchange with a photographer.

me: Are you free on Thursday 2pm?
him: Yup! Is this mannequin?
me: No, This is Macy. But we're shooting the mannequin.

*ba dum ching*

PS. Ginoogle ko talaga kung ano yung "sound" ng punchline. Hahaha!


A Baking Quiz!

Here's a cool quiz I found via Baking Bites.

1) When I prepare a meal, I typically:
a) Rely on classic dishes my family has always enjoyed.
b) Follow a recipe step-by-step.
c) Substitute more healthful ingredients.
d) Go all out and try to impress my guests.
e) Rarely use recipes and like to experiment.

2) Some of my favorite ingredients are:
a) Lots of bread, starches and red meat.
b) Beef and chicken.
c) Fish and vegetables.
d) A trendy ingredient I saw on the Food Network.
e) Vegetables, spices and unusual ingredients.

3) In my free time I like to:
a) Visit with friends and family.
b) Organize the house.
c) Exercise or take a fitness class.
d) Be spontaneous and seek adventure.
e) Take part in creative or artistic pursuits.

4) My favorite things to cook are:
a) Home-baked goodies.
b) Casseroles.
c) Foods with fresh ingredients and herbs.
d) Anything that lets me fire up the grill.
e) Ethnic foods and wok dishes.

5) Other people describe me as:
a) Really friendly.
b) Diligent and methodical.
c) Health conscious.
d) Intense.
e) Curious.

There may be overlap in the answers you give, but is there one letter that you picked most often? Here’s what your answers say about your cooking style:

Highlight to see the results. I got A. (:

a) Giving: Friendly, well-liked and enthusiastic, giving cooks seldom experiment, love baking and like to serve tried-and-true family favorites, although that sometimes means serving less healthful foods.

b) Methodical: Talented cooks who rely heavily on recipes. The methodical cook has refined tastes and manners. Their creations always look exactly like the picture in the cookbook.

c) Healthy: Optimistic, book-loving, nature enthusiasts, healthy cooks experiment with fish, fresh produce and herbs. Health comes first, even if it means sometimes sacrificing taste.

d) Competitive: The Iron Chef of the neighborhood, competitive cooks have dominant personalities and are intense perfectionists who love to impress their guests.

e) Innovative: Creative and trend-setting, innovative cooks seldom use recipes and like to experiment with ingredients, cuisine styles and cooking methods.


The Worst Night Ever, Part 2 (Okay, Maybe Not)

Remember this horrible, horrible night?

Since I've been trying to see the good things in bad situations, here is what didn't happen.

There were no MIB (Men in Blue aka MMDA aka EVIL PEOPLE) involved.
I did not ride at the back of a wrecker.
There were no bribes involved.
It didn't take me ten thousand phone calls to get through.

Lessons learned: always keep your Wheelers Card in your wallet (you never know when you'll need them and I have to say they were quite efficient!), go to the bathroom before travel (hahahaha), keep your mobile phone fully charged, and never ever get involved with those men in blue. They will just make your life a living hell.

Now my night doesn't seem so bad after all. Time to write my story for today and get to bed.


Utang na loob

Friends do things for each other without expecting anything in return. That is goodwill. That is friendship. A simple truth that's actually not very hard to grasp. Certain events have led me to discover which of my parents' friends are true and real.

I only wish my mother could have known this fact when she was still alive.


happy thought

Last night, before going to sleep, I turned on my TV and switched the channel to HBO.

Stranger than Fiction was on and I switched right in time to hear my favorite line in my favorite scene from the movie. "I figured, if I was going to make the world a better place, I'd do it with cookies."


Daddy, I want a rabbit!*

I think it's a good thing that I'm not one of those girls who love designer bags. My wallet is very happy about that.

But as I was checking one of the blogs on my NetVibes, I saw that the most stylish bunny around has a line of LeSportsac bags! Ahhhh! Okay, so this isn't exactly designer and the bags don't cost as much as a designer bag. But wah, I really want one!

*it has to be said exactly like how Veruca Salt says it in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I want to start fresh

Finally baked a cake again! (: I am itching to slice myself a piece so I can taste it, but I will wait for my relatives so we can have it for dessert later at lunch.

I can't believe it's only the end of January. I feel like there's just so many things going on! My friend and partner-in-crime at work and I were talking about it one day. How we've got shoot schedules coming out of our ears but it still felt sooo good. We're excited over the little things that we've been trying to do and everyday is just a chance to do, well, more. (:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the beach for work. How awesome is that? It would've been even more fun if all the girls could come. Pfft. I hope it doesn't rain, though. The weather's been pretty unpredictable. Woke up to a super cool morning when just a couple of days ago, it felt like summer!

I can smell the barbecue! Time to hit the shower! (: I missed lunch with titos and titas and my sometimes sungit lola. Hehe. Can't wait to try the cake with them. (: Cross your fingers that it turns out great!


I want to make a ray of sunshine and never leave home without it

Whenever I go through home sections of department stores, I pretend that I'm buying stuff for my own place. I'd get funky-colored pans (my brother and I saw some in Rustan's Makati last year when we were looking for a gift for our friend who got married), pretty plates, and fancy silverware.

Of course, I don't live on my own and will have to settle for buying stuff for the family. So I will settle for window shopping online. Haha!

picture from Angela Adams via Design*Sponge


I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily.

I was looking through the latest issue of our magazine, and realized that an entire month ago, I already set my 2009 goal of Doing More as seen in the Editor's Letter page. Haha!

Sadly, I've only baked a few times since. Okay, once. Haha! Last night, I made white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese frosting for my high school classmate's baby shower (she's having a boy!). I colored the frosting, but it turned out to look like a bright teal than a blue. Oh well. Haha! I am planning to do more baking soon. This super yummy recipe in HTEAC is begging to be made! Be still my Nutella-loving little ♥.

And I cheated. I originally wanted to write more, which meant everyday, but I wasn't able to after the 1st. So I went back 2 days ago and wrote for each day that I missed. Recognize the effort! Hahaha!

As for taking more pictures, I'm hoping for sunny skies and awesome beach weather for the weekend. Let's hope the universe conspires to help me be a better me this year. d:


cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

I packed 30 bags of assorted cookies just as the year was starting. (: Got the packaging idea from a YumSugar post. Isn't it lovely?

I'm looking for a new cake recipe to try. Ideas?


This Year...

I'm not so big on resolutions. I don't think I've actually gone as far as listing down things I swear to do or not do at the beginning of the year. Two years ago, I said I would "try things for the first time." Then last year, I said I would "get things done."

This year, I want to Do More: write more, bake more, love more, live more... you get what I mean.

Because life is just too short and everyday is a chance to do something more.