Ten Things I'm Thankful For

♥ My four-month-old niece who makes my heart swell with joy. I can never not like a photo of hers.
A talented crop of teens to work with.
♥ Jeans that fit like you've had them for years. PS They're only a month old.
♥ Making a pattern to print on fabric and sewing a pencil case for me and a pillow for Mira!
♥ Getting through a level of Candy Crush. Sorry, I still play it in traffic no matter how many weeks I'm stuck on one level.
♥ Twirling in the office that ends in tears-in-our-eyes laughter.
♥ A fresh episode of Dexter that's waiting to be watched.
♥ Getting an Instagram heart from the songwriter of the lyrics you watercolored. Teehee! Never gets old.
♥ Being credited as a legit illustrator in a book! All my art-class-taking younger self's dreams have come true!
♥ The new Stars song


Sunday Girl

Music Monday She & Him - "Sunday Girl (Blondie cover)" from Volume 3

Tasty Tuesday
After my friends' book signing, we had ramen. Tried out this new place. I'm really not the best person to ask for ramen recommendations, because they all really just taste the same to me. Haha! Split this set with D-an and was so busog. But there's always room for dessert! Cafe Au Lait mochi on a pretty plate. It was gone in about 10 seconds.

Wishful Wednesday
Checking out new arrivals on the H&M website, hoping I can do a bit of shopping in 2 weeks. Hee. (Also hoping I have enough money, haha!)

Thoughtful Thursday

Fashion Friday
Unearthed a pair of saddle calf leather loafers from my mom's shoe boxes. The sole didn't crumble away when I wore them, yay! Also wore her fancy matchy watch with my dad (which is now in the custody of my brother). When I wear things she used to wear, I somehow feel connected to her. ♥

* weekly-themed post adapted from That's Chic


#ThrowbackThursday: UP Street

About three years ago, I joined my college org's alumni number at their 10th anniversary concert. When people find out that I used to be a member of the UP Streetdance Club, they don't believe me. HAHA! I have a very grainy video to prove that I am! Can you spot me?

I miss dancing.


On Being Original

In a world where there are billions of people churning out great ideas every day, it's very difficult to be original.

I remember as a kid, whenever I saw someone's nice handwriting, my penmanship would somehow morph into something that looked like that style. It wasn't something I did deliberately, I think. Maybe I just really wished my writing looked like that. d:

I'm not the first to do hand lettering or watercolor typography. But I really do love it. In high school, I'd give my friends their names in fancy letters to put in their organizers/planners. I try to make it my own: borrow words from my favorite songs, use my own style in writing (I've finally come to love my own, haha!). In the end, I do it because I enjoy it.

In the industry I'm in, the word "peg" gets thrown around a lot. What is it, really? From how I understand it, it's something you take inspiration from. Kind of like a guide on the direction you want your shoot/article/feature to take. Because who wants to make something exactly like what's already been done before?

What's your take on being one of a kind?


Made It Myself: Paracord Bracelets

I've been on a workshop streak with Mikko's I Try DIY. This time around, I learned how to make bracelets out of paracord. These bracelets are more stylish than functional, though. (:

Each participant gets a bottle filled with enough materials for six or more bracelets.

There's also a "buffet" that participants can "steal" from in the course of the workshop. So if you want to save some of your paracord for projects you want to do at home, go ahead and practice with the ones here.

This is what came in my bottle. 5 bundles of I Try DIY paracord (you can actually order these from Mikko's site!). Plus different types of closure.

We were taught how to connect two different colors (with a bit of Mighty Bond and a lighter) together. I didn't want to touch the heated glue so I used the pliers to join them together. If you do get some glue on your fingers, acetone will get that out easily.

Not the neatest, but good enough. Here's how you start the bracelet.

Learned two styles: the cobra knot and this braided style that makes a flatter bracelet. We were also taught how to close the bracelets two ways. One involved a bit of sewing, but you don't need to be a pro to do it!

Came home with these two new additions to my arm party. I still have tons of paracord left and I'm excited to make more bracelets.

If you want to learn how to make these too, just sign up for the next one happening on September 14 in BGC. More info plus sign up sheet on I Try DIY.


Instamonth: August 2013

I've been quite the delinquent poster. Thank goodness for the photo-a-day challenge for our website, I have (more or less) been posting daily on Instagram. It's not quite an accurate record of my daily activities, but it's better than nothing! Ha!

Today's the first of September, which only means one thing: Christmas is only three months away! I can't believe how fast this year is going.