1, 2, 3 of ABCs

Who hasn't taken a piece of paper and mindlessly doodled on it? While on hold, while daydreaming, while waiting for something. In high school, I was the girl with the bursting pencil case filled with every kind of gel pen: metallic, neon, chalky pastel. My filofax (LOL) was filled with colorful notes of the day's events. My classmates and friends would ask me to letter the dividers on their own organizers. So when the opportunity presented itself, I was more than happy to be involved in creating the very first local hand lettering book—made by such a young talented Filipina at that.

I remember meeting Abbey Sy at a craft gathering at Hey Kessy. When Koko suggested we make a book about lettering, Abbey was the first person I thought of who could write it. Koko and I were scared she wouldn't say yes, but little did we know, she had already been toying with the idea—even consulting with Mansy of Hey Kessy, who was my co-crafter on the Candy DIY Book. You can read more about Abbey's Road to ABC on her blog.

We met on a holiday—when Pope Francis was in the country—and went home with a complete outline of what the book would be all about. Five months later, here we are. (:

Proofs from The ABCs of Hand Lettering

Just a few of the art Abbey created especially for this book.

Making sure everything is in order! Art direction of the book by Jaykee Evangelista (who I also got to work with on The Friendship Bracelet Book a few years back).

This is personally my favorite page. (:

Putting it all together.

Abbey worked really hard on creating the guide for hand lettering. Whether you're a beginner or already a fan of lettering, you'll learn something new from this book. Hope you can grab a copy (for just P295—what a steal) as soon as you visit the book store nearest you. Then you'll always be creating, too. (:

The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy, P295


Favorites: June 2015

I know they always say to spend on experience and not material things, but you have to admit, sometimes there's really nothing like treating yourself to that one thing you've had on your shopping list for months! Ha.

The last time I bought a bag was when I splurged on a customized tote from Bags by Rubber Tree (they're the best!). It's been almost a year and I hadn't changed my bag since. When I saw my friend Erin with her vegan leather bucket bag from Posh Every Day, I knew I had to get myself one, too. I ended up getting two, hahaha. One medium in camel and a mini in black. As for the Seychelles pair, I've been wanting my own Holdin' My Breath flats ever since I saw them. Never really fit a pair, because they were a bit pricey. But after holdin' (hehe) off for so long, I finally just decided to splurge on a pair as a reward to myself. ;P No regrets because these are the comfiest pair of sandals I own now. Seriously!

Ever since I first heard "World Spins Madly On" on an episode of Grey's Anatomy, I've been a fan of the duo. Didn't know until they released their latest album that Deb was diagnosed with cancer in late 2013. After beating the big C, they recorded Sirens, which is now one of my favorite records of theirs.

What are your favorites this month? (: