What's in my bag: 09.22.2016

I can never really carry a small bag long enough. I always think I'm going to need something so I tend to overpack my everyday bag with more than just essentials. LOL. So you can imagine how heavy my tote gets. I bought myself this Carrie City from Aranaz Tu as a "reward" for a book project last year. Used to look longingly at my mom's raffia and straw bags. So I thought since I didn't get to save any of them, I would invest in my own. I've taken this around the city and on a beach trip and I love it to death!

On this day, I headed to the office before having lunch out with my high school friends and attending a store opening. Had a craft date with some friends which explains why I had a bunch of notebooks and paintbrushes that day. But, who am I kidding? Even without those, my bag looks like I stuffed my entire room in it.

What do you tote around in your bag?


Current faves

1 The comfiest heeled mules from Carmelletes · 2 Big Brow Pencil in Lingering from MAC · 3 The Wes from Sunnies Specs · 4 Glam Squad liquid matte lipstick in Naked Peach by Denise Go-Ochoa from Happy Skin


Photo Diary: Pintô Art Museum, Antipolo City

I grew up in Antipolo. That's where I went to school from Kinder to high school. It was a bit farther from the city but I loved always being surrounded by trees. These days, it feels like a field trip whenever I head to the east even if I lived there when I was younger.

The day after a holiday is hardly the "right time" to take a leave but I felt like I could use a day off, and opted to do a bit of work on a holiday instead. Mikko had plans to take Evelyn, whom we met because of Pinterest, to Pintô Art Museum in Antipolo and asked if I wanted to tag along. I've never been but I've always wanted to go so it just seemed like the perfect time.

What started out as a gloomy day turned into the most perfect day out at the museum. The rain stopped just as we parked right outside Pintô and it drizzled while we had a late lunch at the museum cafe (get the pizza—so good!). We finished our artsy escape by passing by the new Hey Kessy spot in UP Town Center before finally heading home.

It sometimes takes a bit of extra work to get days off, but it really is necessary to step out and just breathe.

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Pintô Art Museum is located at Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City. Entrance fee is P200 for adults.


Photo Diary: Singapore

Late last year, I celebrated my 33rd birthday in Singapore visiting one of my favorite people and seeing Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour. It wasn't my first time but there were still tons of places on my list back then that I didn't get to see.

This time around, we tried to squeeze in as many things we could in my short stay. It was also my first time traveling alone. Wouldn't have normally enjoyed walking by myself but spending half my birthday weaving in and out of bookstores and crafty nooks actually felt liberating. Save for skinning my heel against my 1989 sneaks (haha) and getting lost for a bit in the rain, it was a pleasant few hours just strolling with me, myself, and I.