30 Days To Fitness

My friend Mimi introduced us to The 30-Day Shred early this year but I never really paid much attention to it until now. A few weeks ago, I finally got a copy and yesterday, I had my brother burn me a DVD so I could do the workout in my room.

Day 1 was hell! I felt how much I had let my lazy butt take over with all my fat jiggling as I did the jumping jacks. 10 minutes into the routine (you do about 20 minute workouts a day), I thought I was going to die! My knees were shaking and I was panting. I felt like jello the rest of the night (I did it around 5 in the afternoon before we went to Church).

Funny story. I woke up at around 7 this morning and I wanted to sleep in. Then, I remembered that it was Day 2 and I really wanted to do it before going to work because I didn't want to do it after I got home. After doing the 20-minute workout (I STILL FELT LIKE DYING AT 10 MINUTES!), I quickly showered and hoping my body would forgive me for the beating. As I was about to dry my hair, I turned on the TV and noticed that instead of Umagang Kay Ganda, it was Salamat, Dok. Then, it hit me. TODAY IS A SUNDAY. Oh, help.

The good thing about it, is it I'm actually committed enough to wake up and work out. Hahaha, if you know me, you know how much of a lazy ass I am. I never exercise (the only form of exercise I enjoy is dance and I haven't trained since the concert). I would never diet. I'm really generally not a healthy and fit person. O: So this is kind of a big deal. Haha.

Today, I feel like a punching bag. I'm sore in all the right places and I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. Will I make it past 10 minutes and not feel like I'm going to pass out? Abangan. I really do hope I make it through one month. I found a blog that said you should list down your measurements before so you can compare it to your measurements after. Maybe I should do that. (:


Shoes Go On Feet

I've always been a fan of brogues. Oxfords. Spectator shoes. I just didn't know if I could pull them off. Then my friend uploaded new styles of their shoe line on Multiply. I couldn't resist getting myself a pair—or two. I got myself a pair of the gray suede ones and the pointy blue patent ones (because I had seen a picture of Andy from Style Scrapbook wearing a similar pair). My friends from the office and I were at a mall one time and we saw a pair of bone-colored brogues that looked super soft in Kids of Bayo. After I put it on, I knew I just had to get them.

My friends say I have one too many already but I wanted to get these navy and cream two-toned oxfords—too bad they didn't have my size when I came back for them. My friend Golda tweeted about this promo on Fashionista Fortune Cookie and I figured, why not join? If those shoes were meant to be mine, maybe I'll win. (: Navy/Cream Kenny, you shall be mine one way or another!


Until the weekend comes

My weekends have been constantly steady lately. Mostly made up of a long, lazy breakfast, witnessing a tickle fest between my youngest brother and my dad, putting stuff on my Tumblr queue and ticking off all the unread stuff on my Netvibes, watching TV in the room, and ordering in lunch that lasts until dinner.

I try not to think about work but sometimes, I can't help it. Lately though, I've been trying to finish everything in five days so that I have at least two days to myself and my silly obsessions (like learning how to paint my nails by myself—I'm getting better at doing my right hand).

This week, I'm looking forward to a shoot, Chocolate Chip Cookies, possibly dinner with my high school girls, and payday (haha!).

Oh, and I made a mix for a rainy day like this.
  1. "Choux Pastry Heart" - Corinne Bailey Rae

  2. "Under Your Charms" - Josh Rouse

  3. "Honey Bee" - Zee Avi

  4. "Lilac Wine" - Jeff Buckley

  5. "Minor Detail" - Sondre Lerche

  6. "Simple Life" - The Weepies

  7. "You and I" - Wilco

  8. "Nice Day For A Sulk" - Belle & Sebastian

  9. "Calendar Girl" - Stars


Cupcake Thursday and Friday

Last week, I started bringing cupcakes to work again. I used to make cupcakes every other night (EVERY.OTHER.NIGHT) and bring them to work to sell to my officemates. I didn't care if I slept late (to bake the cupcakes) and wake up early (to make the frosting). I was at my happiest in the kitchen. I think it was my way of coping when I lost my mom. I would just try recipes and keep making them until I knew they were perfect.

And then I just stopped. I don't remember how or why. Maybe it was because I moved down a floor? Maybe it was because I started getting tired? Or maybe I found something to do outside the kitchen.

But recently, I started baking again. (: It feels good. And I don't plan on overdoing it (what was I thinking bringing in 2 dozens of cupcakes every other day?). Just one flavor a week, maybe cookies on some weeks. I'll still try new recipes until I get them right.

Yesterday, I brought S'mores Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Frosting (but apparently, my baking powder has died so they weren't as fluffy as usual) and today I brought Kahlua Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (possibly my favorite creation ever) for friends.

Next week: tried and tested Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Things to remember:

Give your toes a rest and try giving yourself a manicure.
Wear your accessories instead of buying more.
Wear your shoes instead of buying more.
Stop eating junk.
Bake more!
Finish what you started.
Save for that computer you promised to give yourself... a year ago.
Organize dinner with your friends. You miss them and you won't see them if you don't do that text brigade that you do... by yourself.

I miss being lazy and free as a bird. Maybe on my birthday month?