Ten Things I'm Thankful For Tuesday

♥ Finishing a friendship bracelet. 
♥ New collage-making apps! So much prettyyy.
♥ Catching bits and pieces of the Oscars all throughout the day.
♥ Our March cover girl's video!
♥ Friday girls night in.
♥ One of my friends making the transition from Miss to Missus!
♥ A check off my baking bucket list (see yesterday's entry, please.) and sold out cake balls!
♥ An afternoon of speech with my dad and Kaich. Thank youuu!
♥ Finishing a book in just two days!
♥ Taco Toosday with my Lolas!


Baker's Bites: The Making of a Wedding Cake

There are a few things on my baking bucket list and one of them is to make a wedding cake. I've actually had a delusion of making my own wedding cake, but after this, I may have to think twice. Haha!

One of my very good friends got married over the weekend and she asked me to make her wedding cake. I told her that I wasn't an experienced cake maker and I could only manage a 3-layer cake. No tiers, no height, no nothing. On the morning of February 25, I set out to do a 3-layer Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting in between the layers. I whipped up some Swiss Meringue Buttercream (since the wedding would be out of town and I wasn't sure if the Cream Cheese Frosting would hold for hours) and piped a very simple "design" with my trusty 1M star tip. After almost 6 hours in the kitchen, I made it in record time, delivering this cake and 20 individually packed cupcakes (for her giveaways) to my friend's condo.

There were so many things I wanted to fix. The uneven layers (the cake tilted ever so slightly to the right), the messy frosting, and the cake board (could have used an extra inch or two!). But I was so happy when my friend texted me, "Cake is soooo pretty, Mace! Galing mo! Thanks so much for everything! Love you!"

And just like that, it was perfect. I made my very first wedding cake. (:

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Happy birthday, Mommy!

Someday, we'll be together again, making bead jewelry and playing Bookworm. I miss you and I love you!


Ten Things I'm Thankful For Tuesday

♥ Going back to paradise, 3 years after my first time.
♥ Awesome weather = a golden tan!
♥ Great company (hello, roomies!).
♥ Yummy tapa and chocolate truffle torte!
♥ My first Monopoly Deal win. Thanks, Mimi for teaching me how to play!
♥ Trying out water sports: hobie cat, stand up paddle surf, and pedal kayaks.
♥ A safe flight to Legazpi and back to Manila.
♥ A pack of my new favorite 3-in-1 (thanks, Blanche!)—Old Town Hazelnut! Super yum.
♥ Being able to get away for a bit...
♥ ...and coming back home to my dad who was so excited to see me!


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We'll Play Hide and Seek To Turn This Around

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday
Chicken enchilada from Iguana's Mexican Food (formerly Zapata's), so yummy! I could only finish half of the order, though. My brother finished the other half when I got home earlier today.

Wishful Wednesday
Spotted these at the Nike Outlet store today. Pretty shoesies! ♥

 { via Dope Ambition }

Thoughtful Thursday

{ via 1, 2, 3 }

Fashion Friday
 Made another rope bracelet from a paper bag! Handles still aren't long enough so I may need to attach a clasp.


Food Trip: Ribs and Fish

This wasn't my first time to try Rub Ribs & BBQ so I was more than happy to have lunch there when my officemates planned to eat out last Friday. I was excited to order Fish and Chips for myself, because I loved my friend's order the first time we went. On my next trip, though, maybe I'll split it with someone and order something else (baby back ribs!) so I don't get suya. But I'll definitely come back to try the Coffee Crème Brûlée!

RUB Ribs & BBQ 
64 Scout Rallos, QC 
11am - 12mn 
88 East Capitol Drive, 
Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 
11am - 10pm 


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#febphotoaday · Friday lunch out · my best friend's wedding · my continuing obsession with Collage Day · my new favorite 3-in-1 coffee

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Songs I Like: "Are We There Yet?" by Ingrid Michaelson


They say you're really not somebody 
until somebody else loves you.
Well, I am waiting to make 
somebody, somebody soon. 
And are we there yet? 
And are we there yet?
And are we there yet? 
And are we there yet? 
Home, home, home, home. 
Home, home, home, home. 
Where you will lie on the rug 
while I play with the dog. 
And you won't be too much 
because this is too much. 
Because this is too much for me to hold. 
This is too much for me to hold.


Baker's Bites: Singapore-Manila Cookies

My friend D-an wanted me to make Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Reese's Peanut Butter Chips for her brother and mom. I was able to make a batch of these late last year thanks to a rogue bag of said chips. I would later find out that they're super hard to find here (to prove the fact: I went to five different groceries and none of them carried the item). So when she headed to Singapore, she brought home a bag with her! Some of the cookies turned out crunchier than chewy since I failed to take them out of the oven right away. D-an and her family enjoyed them, anyway. I'm glad. (:

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Let's Make This Last Forever

Music Monday

from Aisle 1401 on Vimeo.

My best friend and the love of her life got married yesterday! Here's the last of 4 different love stories they shared with us before tying the knot. (: Click the image to watch the video!

Tasty Tuesday

Lunch at Rub Ribs & BBQ

Wishful Wednesday

Darby loafers from Posh Pocket Shoes

Thoughtful Thursday

DIY Wedding Ideas (No I'm not getting married, haha! Yet!)

Fashion Friday


 Current/Elliot Spring 2012 { via calivintage }


This Week on Instagram

I recently signed up for this neat site that loads all my Instagram photos in one page.

So, my week in a nutshell: My friends' book launch. Trying out a new chicken place (strangely enough, I loved the battered shrimp). Baked Red Velvet cupcakes. Went with my BFF to get her trial makeup done—she's getting married on Saturday! I've been taking photos of #whatIworetoday for an entire month. Painted my nails nude, but had to remove the polish because it got bubbly. ): Discovered a new app that makes the prettiest collages. Snoopy's Street Fair updaaaate!

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Songs I Like: "Smooth Criminal" on Glee

I've always loved Naya Rivera's voice (absolutely loved her performance of "Valerie") and when my friend D-an showed me a video of her performance of "Smooth Criminal" on today's episode of Glee, I was floored! Kaka-tense yung nag-cecello. Haha!

Glee airs on ETC every Wednesday at 4pm with replays at 9pm.