To pob or not to pob

Hahaha! Our beauty ed Jennie coined the term. Posh (as in Posh Spice a.k.a. Mrs. Beckham) plus bob = Pob! Genius!

So it seems like I have started an addiction with cutting my hair. Ack! Next thing you know, I'll be bald.

What do you think? Go for it or forget it?

A good hair cut is also a very happy thought, you know.


More happy thoughts

Catch the Europino Food Fest at Two Serendra from today until Sunday.

This post is for Maan. < ^_^ My ugly post is getting pushed down. Hehe!

What are your happy thoughts today?


Where are my happy thoughts?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse from Red Ribbon

On a side note: I really wish people would mind their own business. People really like blowing things out of proportion. STOP IT. It's not your ass on the line. So like I said, SHUT UP. You don't know what happened. Or you're just pretending that you do. You did a mighty fine job of creating a story at my expense. SCREW YOU.



I need to write all of my firsts somewhere soon. I should make a goal of how many things I should try for the first time this year.

So far the count is...

  1. Enrolled myself in a gym
  2. Learned how to play poker
  3. Rode a hot air balloon
  4. Went on a food walk
  5. Had my palm read
  6. Stood on a surf board for more than three seconds
  7. Won a phone
  8. Contributed to a food magazine
  9. Planned a surprise
  10. Watched a movie in the IMAX theater
  11. Played 2 rounds of Paint ball

Looking forward to adding more to this list. :D


Coming home

When you say homecoming, I immediately think Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Haha! Minus the interpretative dancing, I guess. Oh, wait. Scratch that. I remember a year after we graduated, we attended the homecoming and danced to Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over" (the Spanish version). Hahaha!

I went to two homecomings already. The other one was the expensive dinner in the MPB (Multi-Purpose Building to you, non-Assumptionistas). I don't even remember if we got away with not paying. :P All I remember was that we were super shocked to see the baby sister of our batch mates with the hot brother of our former English teacher. HAHA! Everyone in our table was talking about it. :P Mga chismosa kami eh.

Tomorrow, I'll be seeing my old school up in the mountains.

I remember going back a couple of years ago and not recognizing the cafeteria. It looked like a makeshift jail with all the railings (to discourage singit when lining up for food daw). The students didn't look familiar at all and everything just seemed so detached from me.

I used to think I'd be super popular when I go back to my high school. (cue Romy and Michele: "I invented Post-Its!") That I'd go back and give career talks because I'm some successful product of my school. Haha! Or I used to imagine going to our high school fair with a super hot boyfriend. Hahaha! My God, ano ba `tong dreams ko?!

Fast forward to tonight. I'm actually happy where I am now. I may not be super popular, or I might not be asked to give "expert advice" to high schoolers applying for colleges (oh, and I don't have a super hot boyfriend—no not even a not-so-hot one :P), but I'm happy. (: Happy to know that I'm not perfect and that I am continually growing as a person. This is truly a year of trying things for the first time. And I'm glad I've become that kind of person and not just someone who sticks to the familiar. And I guess going back to my home for thirteen years would be a reminder of what I used to be and how much I've changed (for the better).


My face = >_<

I should really just stop saying anything when it's that time of the month. It just comes out wrong. I re-read an e-mail I sent a few minutes ago and it sounds so whine-y. Ugh.

I'm weak in the knees, hungry, and feeling dizzy. I hate hate hate the first day of that time of the month. I feel icky and gross. I just want to go home, eat ice cream, and watch lame reality TV on cable. Harr. And I don't know how the heck I'll enjoy the paint ball game on Sunday. I'm sure I'll just feel yucky.


On a happier note, I feel great whenever I get to help out friends. Especially when it has something to do with jobs. Haha! I remember when I referred Candice to Summit and she promptly got a call for an interview about ten seconds after I hit the send button on Gmail. We were both jumping around on the 15th floor and the other people in the room had no idea why. d:

It was that kind of day today. One, Elaine's going to be contributing to one of our magazines soon, if that works out. Two, (another) Candice has two interviews for two different companies—both I've worked for. Awesome.

That makes me happy. (:


You know what's up

My old workplace still gives me chills. I hate it there. I hate it. Hate it. HATE.

But this makes me happy:


Guess what I did in traffic last night?

And all you see
Is where else you could be
When you're at home
And out on the street
Are so many possibilities
To not be alone


My Celebrity Look-alikes

I've done this before, but it's super fun to do. Especially on a Sunday afternoon. Hahaha!

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

In fairness, Camilla Belle and Zhang Ziyi. But Beyonce Knowles? Errr. At least, no more Rachelle Ann Go. Hee hee.

Woohoo! Jessica Alba! And hey. Save me, save the world! :))

Dakota Fanning? Hehehe. Oh, but Jessica Alba (again. ha!) and Kristin Kreuk.

May pimple pa ako sa lagay na yan. Mwahaha. I loff et!

edit at 8:05 pm: PLEASE SOMEONE STOP ME. I'VE BEEN AT IT SINCE 6PM. I'm going through my friends now. Hahaha!


This is not a shout out for boys. Hahaha!

I know I keep saying that I'm completely fine with being single. But.

There are still days when I think, I wish I was happy with someone. I'm not that bad-looking. I'm nice, right? I don't think I'm tough to get along with. But there's just.. nobody.

A couple of days ago, Candice told me exactly that, that I was pretty but why didn't I have "boys." Hahahaha. If I knew, you probably wouldn't even need to ask, right?

I've been told more than once that I have this air of unapproachability about me. Why? I don't get it. I don't purposely give off that vibe. Or at least, I'm not aware that I do. So what do I do? Say hello to every single person I walk past? Smile at every stranger who looks at me? Uh, maybe not.

I always thought that whoever the person who was meant for me would at least go the extra mile to meet me, right? But these days, sometimes you're the one who needs to go the extra mile. Problem is, I don't know how to do that.

Hahaha. Don't worry about me. I get like this sometimes and then, I switch back to my happy single vibe. d: I really don't know why I keep thinking about this, anyway. It's not like I want a boy friend. Ugh. God knows I want another incredibly messed up part of my life, right? Boys are overrated. "Men" are even worse.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if I end up an old maid. There's this running joke in my family that we "only girls" in the family are cursed to be single for the rest of our lives. My grand aunt (my dad's aunt) was an only girl and she died an old maid. Next in line is my dad's sister (an only girl, too) is in her early 40s and still isn't married. I'm the only "only girl" in my generation so good luck to me. Haha! We also get teased that me, my tita and cousin (who also isn't married) will live together in the future. We'll just take care of each other. Haha!

I really hope that won't happen, though. I still want twins. (: Hee.


P.S. to my entry last night

11. I don't like MIB=men in blue, more popularly known as the MMDA. ugh. I hate them with a passion.
12. I don't like people who honk their horns at 8 in the morning! C'mon. Let's enjoy the early commute to work! Why you gotta be like dut.


Boo (a.k.a. I think I'm going to get my period soon.)

I don't like it..

  1. when people insist on spelling my name with an "e." It's MACY. Not Macey.
  2. when people I don't know add me on LiveJournal or Friendster just because I'm the sister of my brother.
  3. when my mom gets too stage mother-y. We get it. He's famous.
  4. when people just simply won't reply even after you say, "Please reply to confirm." GEEZUS. How hard is it to type yes or no?!
  5. when all of a sudden, I'm lactose-intolerant. I've always loved milk! Why is it that my tummy feels funny everytime I have coffee from Starbucks, or down a tetra pack of milk. Whyyy?
  6. when I get forwarded messages, which I know are just sent out as a group message. I mean, with the raise of unlimited texting rates, you'd think these forwards would STOP.
  7. when I'm up so early and ready to leave before 8 but I need to wait until 9 because my brothers and I all have to leave together.
  8. when people mock my niceness. I know sometimes, it's supposed to be joke. But it's getting kind of old. So, I'm nice. So what?
  9. ok wala na akong maisip
  10. ahhh! When my ride is late—and they don't tell me that they'll be late. I'm standing outside the mall for 15 minutes already only to find out they're still at home. Grrrr!


Stage Sister, Part 2

I think I've written about my brother before but I couldn't resist not posting this here.

Naks! May billboard na sa EDSA! Ayloffet.


What do you do on a Saturday morning?

I know I said I loved it. But come on. For an entire week? And I'm not even done yet. Hahaha. Whatta Saturday morning—a date with my wireframes. Oh, this is love.

Yesterday was the dreaded food shoot. I went there armed with a picnic basket (seriously!) and a prayer to high heavens that my food projects well for the camera. Hee hee! Thank God for Shar, because I don't know how I would've "styled" it without her. :P I'm giddy and excited over the thought that I'll be seeing pictures of what I made on the pages of a glossy magazine. Whee!

Obviously, it doesn't take much to make me happy. :P


The eighth of March

She will kill me for sure because I posted another horrid picture online for the world (the www, at least) to see. But I think she might re-think that since I look sooo much uglier than her in this old class picture. :P She's actually cute there! With her bangs and curls. Very Candy Candy. :P

That's me and my best-est friend some eighteen (!) years ago (did I count right? We were in second grade in the picture). We've been classmates since first grade and we were even classmates in college. I see her maybe once every two months these days but whenever something important in my life happens, she's one of the first people to know. I love her to death and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's forever my kakampi and if anyone messes with me, she's got my back.

I remember a few years back when I had just gotten my heart broken (what's new? :P), she came to my house the very next day and the first thing I did when I saw her come into our kitchen was.. cry. I cried and cried and cried. I didn't even get any words out right away but she was there to listen, anyway. To my sobs and whimpers. And she was still there to listen after I had calmed down and couldn't stop talking about how hurt I was.

She was happy for me when I got into Wazzup, happy when I left, happy when I got regularized in Summit. She was supportive when I started going out with this person and was supportive even after it didn't end up the way I wanted it to. I never told her the details of what had happened but somehow she knew exactly what to tell me. She knows me so well that we don't even need to see each other for her to know what's wrong.

I love her like a sister—even if I don't have one. That's what she is to me, I guess, the sister I never had. I miss her and I really wish that all of her dreams come true. She deserves to be happy, especially on her birthday.

Happy birthday, Laika! I l♥ve you! Thanks for almost twenty years of friendship. I don't know what I'd do without you.


The best things in life are free

Y'know when I won a phone last week, I couldn't believe my luck. I mean, who the hell wins a phone, right? I've never won anything in raffles (this big, anyway) so I wasn't really counting on it. (My youngest brother has better luck. He won four tickets to Cebu and a painting before.) The moment they called my name, though, I was thrilled. Haha! Akala mo nanalo sa Oscars! d:

Then just today, I got a package that had a 1GB flash drive. Haha! What is it with this year, man? First an iBook, then a phone, then a flash drive! (Sorry, I've been obsessing about getting one for the longest time because I can't access my officemates' Macs haha LOSER!) I LAF ET! My lunchmate, Candice, casually mentioned that a certain moment in my life might be bringing me luck this time around. d: That good bye isn't necessarily a bad thing. Haha! I say, leave the past behind and don't let it weigh you down. (;

I'm excited for all the trips we're planning for this year—with Drive Thru Manila (woohoo! more adventures, guys!), with my high school girl friends (Pagudpud, Batanes, Bangkok?), and my family (HK! woohoo!). And it's funny how that reader in Eastwood told me this wasn't a good year for me to travel. d:

Whatever, I really think you make your own destiny. Don't you? Woohoo! This is the life! Hahaha!


Sunday slowdown

I admit that I have some weird obsessions. Like that phase I had with downloading every single font in the entire world wide web. Seriously. And I'd excitedly shriek at friggin' fonts on TV.

My latest obsession is Microsoft Visio. It's uh-mazing. Haha! Ok, it's nothing extraordinary except that I've gotten pretty good at making wireframes with them (thanks, gandang guro!). Haha! I had no idea what wireframes were prior to becoming web editor of Candymag.com. I always started out with an image (for a header, or for a background, whatever) and then bahala na yung layout. :P Hahaha!

OK. Before I scare you away, I have to squeeze in a quick plug. Hahaha! If you get a chance, do get a copy of the March issue of Candy with its all-new look. There's a blog special there (by me, ahem. haha) you might want to check out. How to up your "web cool quotient."

It's so funny that two other magazines have gotten me to write for them about all things web. Haha! Guys, I can write about stuff other than the Net, y'know. :P I'm just saying. Thank God they were all different topics and I didn't end up just repeating what I said in the other articles. Haha!

I finally uploaded my supersampler pics! I like Fuji film better than Kodak. And boo, I think there's something wrong with my lenses!


Dizzy Girl

My brain is on overdrive, I think. I am working on three completely different things right now and I'm trying to alternate between them. Geezus! The most mindless task was the first one I got done with—only a few minutes ago because I keep getting side-tracked with something else. You know how some sites moderate their photo gallery? I am the mechanism behind that moderation. Hahaha. Not very fun. :P Although when there are interesting pictures (read: WHAT THE HELL is this doing in Candy?!), it's not so boring. :P

But I'm excited because I'll see an old friend from my old job tonight. We haven't seen each other in a looong time so when she sent me a message yesterday saying that she was free tonight, I told her we'd meet up—no matter what. I like keeping in touch with a lot of people. (:

And because I am in a state that you call lutang, I will leave you with some random plug (riiiight):