Everyday Makeup

I don't really wear makeup every single day, but when I do, it's really simple. Just powder, blush, a swipe of mascara, and winged liner (which is the only kind of eye makeup I've mastered, I think).

After applying moisturizer (I've been using Garnier Light for a while now. I'm thinking of going back to Neutrogena after I finish this jar), I put Avon's Simply Pretty pressed powder in Natural (01). I know this is supposed to be for teens but I love it because even when I'm tanned or not, the color looks the same one me. Plus, it's really cheap! Then I put a bit of Majolica Majorca's Puff de Cheek in Peach Macaron (02), which doesn't look too bright on my cheeks. I usually stop at this point and just curl my lashes and add a coat of clear mascara (03). I use Penshoppe Pop. But if I'm attending an event or meeting my friends after work, I add a coat of Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander in Brown (03) and line my eyes close to the lash line with either Etude House's Proof 10 liner in Brown (04) or Majolica Majorca's Cream Eye Pencil in Bitter Brown (05). For my lips, I usually just put lip balm. My current fave is Ganache for Lips Chocolate Orange (07), which was a gift from my friend Marla. I top with either Estee Lauder's Rose Tea (06) or The Body Shop's Delipscious in Sheer Saffron (08).

That wasn't so exciting, I know. Haha! But I'm trying to expand my makeup know-how and products starting with a shade of red that won't look strange on my weirdly-shaped lips. I'll let you know if I find one!


Happy Thoughts

Completing silly projects like wearing a pair of sneakers every day. (I am still missing one pair but am not in the mood for sneakers today.)

Having a cup of instant hazelnut mocha. My brother went crazy at a duty free shop a couple of weekends ago and this was part of his loot.

Putting my fate in my hands. A DIY nail job with alcohol and newspaper.

A family I'm so blessed to be a part of. Celebrating Father's Day with my boys and getting complimentary headphones (well, I sort of begged for them) from my brother. Good thing I didn't but that ridiculously expensive pair I was eying!

A happy long weekend perfect to fuel another long week ahead.


Weekly Roundup

Music Monday

"Stay Young, Go Dancing" by Death Cab for Cutie

My friend Em sent me this song and told me it reminded her of me. I hope to God it wasn't because of this line: "the belly of the beast."

Tasty Tuesday

A recreation of Figaro's Honey-glazed Bacon and Eggs. But I had to make do with sweet ham.

Wishful Wednesday

Pretty eyelet sneakers

Thoughtful Thursday

"The life I want, it has no shortcut."

Fashion Friday

Putting my Nikes in rotation because I haven't worn them since summer. I've worn 5 pairs this week so far. One pair I used for the first time, too! I counted. I have at least 5 or 6 more. O:


I've been wanting to do a post like this ever since I saw it on That's Chic.

Hope y'all had a fantastic week!


Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

I love breakfast. I can eat it three times a day. My breakfast staples: bread, peanut butter, Nutella, and coffee (iced or hot depending on the weather). Also, garlic rice, sunny side up, and any choice of the following: corned beef with diced potatoes, crispy bacon in maple syrup, or tuna in various sauces (the canned variety).

A few weeks ago, I had the honey glazed bacon and eggs from Figaro (which recently opened in our building so we're no longer kawawa in the coffee shop sense). Would have loved it even more if the bacon was a lot crispier. But I guess I love it enough because I've had it twice since.

Yesterday, on our breakfast table was a plate of sunny side up eggs and sweet ham. I was ready to grab the loaf of bread and smother it with peanut butter and Nutella but I decided to recreate the honey glazed bacon and eggs dish from Figaro. Instead of bacon, though, I had to make do with the ham.

It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3: Grab a piece of bread (you can toast it in the oven if you like), put a piece of ham (perfect for the bread since it's square!), and plop a sunny side up right on top. And because I like eating neatly (haha), I decided to slice up my food in equal parts. Okay, you don't need to do that.

What's on your breakfast table?


A Beautiful Wedding

One of my favorite bloggers got married last month and I just saw her lovely wedding video.

7 things I love about this video:
  1. That wall of paper flowers.
  2. Her red belt matched with those pretty red shoes.
  3. Elsie's entourage's and her bouquets. Lovely, lovely colors.
  4. Those paper feathers on the cupcakes.
  5. Fake mustaches for the photo station.
  6. Her changing into pink tights for the reception.
  7. The couple dancing with their eyes closed, forehead-to-forehead. Aww.

Isn't love grand? (: