Weekly / 07.20.2014

Music Monday

Ever since I read this article, I've been on a Garden State sound trip. Zach Braff's new movie Wish I Was Here also has a pretty awesome soundtrack.

Tasty Tuesday
Still thinking about the paella negra with aioli from this year's Yummy Eats. I clearly did not think my day through. After a couple of hours sampling food at the Metrotent (I didn't even get to make it to half of the list!), I had lunch with my college besties, which stretched on to merienda of coffee, macarons, and cheesecake. Eep. My excuse? PMS. Hahaha! It's always my excuse.

Wishful Wednesday

Hoping that I get to see the songs from Jason Mraz's latest album performed live. Maybe he'll swing by again? (:

Thoughtful Thursday
I've been trying to get back into craftier things these days. Luckily some friends indulge in my feeble attempts at typography and watercolor. Some illustrations I was commissioned to do a few months ago are about to be published in a book very soon. And I'm currently working on something fun for friends. Can't wait to see how it'll all come together! I'm happy to have discovered that a hobby is actually worthy enough to be seen by others. Hehe.

Fashion Friday
Got a pair of joggers on sale from Dorothy Perkins after catching a screening of She's Dating the Gangster with my friends from the office. Which, by the way, was not half bad. I truly feel that Kathryn Bernardo is Sarah Geronimo, junior (and I love Sarah G!). Little known fact: the seed of this movie was planted at one of our monthly reports. Haha! Crazy how it has snowballed into what it is now. CRAY! Also: the movie was totally a '90s throwback, making me reminisce about see-through beepers (didn't you have one of those, too?) and DMs (wish I kept my brown ones!). I am officially old.


#NowPlaying: '90s Girl

Back in the age of Napster, Audio Galaxy, and Kazaa (hahaha), I remember listening to all my faves and downloading my absolute favorite tracks even if I already had cassette tapes and CDs of their songs.

Back in high school, one of my favorite performances ever was when we danced to Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" for the school fair. Garbed in tank tops and the baggiest pants, we channeled baby girl's swag all of 4 and a half minutes after weeks of rehearsing. If I remember right, we watched the music video over and over again so we could copy the steps. Haha! We would eventually do this for other performances like Jordan Knight's "Give It To U," lol.

I missed the '90s so much that I decided to search for some of my favorite tunes on Spotify (love Spotify!). Which one's your favorite?