Orpheus Melted The Heart of Persephone But I Never Had Yours

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

I ♥ Zooey. I ♥ She & Him. And I ♥ this adorable video. I was thisclose to cutting my hair short this weekend (as in Patrick-Garcia-ID-photo-short) but after seeing this video, I think I'll grow my hair a little bit longer and give my bangs a trim instead. (:


Fried Oreos are Oh-some!

I've been wanting to try making my own version of fried Oreos but I never found the time. This morning, after discovering we didn't have flour and milk in the fridge, I asked Ate Elena to buy some so we could make these beauties.

I smothered mine with whipped cream and Nutella. SO GOOD.

You can just buy pancake mix and dip the Oreos before frying. We made our own mix, though, using a recipe from All Recipes. They'd be even yummier with vanilla ice cream, but we don't have any right now. I'm thinking if you spread peanut butter in the middle of the Oreo before frying, they would probably be super good, too!


How Old Am I Really?

Yesterday, after an impromptu dinner at BonChon (I had 7 wings with a cup of rice!), my friends and I popped by Rockwell for a bit. Koko wanted to check out Muji and got even more excited when I said that me and Mim had never been there. I wasn't going to buy anything, I knew that. I had mentally prepared myself to go "ooh" and "ahh" at all the pretty pens and then just walk out. But even before we got to Muji, Koko stopped by one of the arcades to check out the capsule toys. Guess who came home with a 100-peso toy watch? HAHAHA!

Doesn't it remind you of the ones you used to have as a kid? All of the designs were actually cute but I wasn't sure if it would fit me. But if it didn't, I was prepared to give it to my nieces. Look who wore it right after buying it? Isn't it the cutest? Don't laugh but I kind of want to get the other 4 designs, too. d: And I would if I could choose but I don't want to end up with 4 of the same kind.


I love Instagram!

These days, my point and shoot hasn't really seen the light of day. Stashed inside my bag's secret compartment, I actually go a week without taking it out of its pouch. I've been taking lots of pictures with utagai, though. Thanks to Hipstamatic, Incredibooth, Blendcam, and Instagram.

2011 has been off to a great start. I'm putting my new notebook and markers to use and I'm determined not to miss a day. I've discovered a new favorite treat. I've been eating good food (not necessarily healthy, but good!). Finding new ways to wear old things in my closet. Meeting up with friends I haven't seen in years!

Time to get down to serious business. I'm excited. (:


Eager Beaver, 2011 Edition

Most people were dreading their first day back at work. I was mostly bummed at the fact that I couldn't use the computer while lying on my tummy. Work never really feels like work for me because I do practically the same thing on vacation: surf! The only difference is, I actually upload stories online at work.

But that's not the point of my entry. I just want to show you another reason why I was so excited to go back to work: my new office supplies!

Goodies from my birthday and Christmas. I love that my friends are equally obsessed with paper products and office supplies. The Candy Girls gave me my second Teneues planner by Hanna Werning. They were worried I wouldn't like the zebras, but I actually do! Last year's planner had bunnies and deer. (: My former boss Ines gave me the dolphin paper clips (so cute!). The sticky notes set is from Mark♥Barb. I love it! I was thinking of getting myself another design when we went to National Bookstore's Work Station launch but I'm glad I didn't because this pattern is so me! Thank you!

I got these cutesy sticky notes on a trip to Fully Booked with the Candy Girls. Hee. I have another Parisian-themed set but I thought these animals went perfectly with my planner. Donchathink?

How cute is my new mousepad??? Thank you, Margs!!! (: When I opened it, I let out a squeal. She wasn't kidding when she kept asking me to open it already because she said it was so me. Also, her gift had a bunch of sticky notes, too. (There are so many more I got that are not pictured here!) What I'm going to do with all these notes, IDK. But expect a note from me soon! d:

Here's my planner finally broken in: my first, uh, plan for the year. And I'm using a pen now instead of pencil because wala lang. That way deadlines, dates, plans are final because using white out is just going to make my planner ugly.

I can't wait to make plans for 2011!


A Year in Doodles: What I Wore in 2010

It all started with this Flickr group. And a Moleskine notebook set that was given to me as a gift. Add a pencil plus some colored pencils and this became a year of doodles. (:

Here's to more doodling and repetitive outfits in 2011!