In Love

Five years ago, I had in my hand a plastic camera with what looked like four lenses. I had no idea how to use it or that it was actually a real camera that would take real pictures. I had a problem loading the film, mostly because it had been some time since I last used film in a camera.

Five years later, a few cameras, and several rolls of film after, I am still in love with this. The wait for the film to get processed and scanned. Picking pictures I want to get printed. The surprise I get whenever I see the pictures. Every frame is different from the other. Every camera, no matter how identical, will produce a different shot, used by a different person.

Awesome Sun slices through the lines Tree top Cross line Exit this way My bedroom window Electricity Street I love these shoes Block in the sky The storm is coming The morning after On the way to La Luz Shade Crisp On the boardwalk Lonely tree I love this In the water Beachscape Lovely On bulb at night Under the hut Shoot up Net Sunshine peeks Kissing trees Tanned toes Brought to you by the number

a quickr pickr post

Do what makes you happy. It doesn't matter what other people think. I get weirded out when I read people complaining about how lomography is going mainstream. How it "loses its thrill" when more people do it. How can you love something any less just because other people have discovered that it makes them happy, too?

I say, just shoot to your heart's content. (: I know I will. Bye! The sun is shining and it's time to take my babies out.


Can we have more days like this?

This summer's day is hovering
I'll ride my full heart, troubles fly like embers
Out the windows of our traveling car


It's back!

Hooray! I baked last night. The verdict? (Well, as far as my dad and brothers are concerned) MY BAKING MOJO IS BACK! Ha ha! At first, I thought it was cookie fail again. The cookies looked too brown and felt tough to the touch. But when my brother took a bite, he said it was crunchy at the edge, but soft inside. So I have three paper bags full of mocha chip walnut cookies to share with my officemates on the road... to the beach!

It was a cool morning as I packed and re-packed my stuff (my cute Billabong bag from Mikko broke—the zipper broke, actually. But my dad's super yayo fixed it. I won't have to lug my new (and too big) duffel bag—sponsored by Kuya Mong and Nike, haha—with two days worth of clothes.). Now the sun is shining brightly outside and I'm sitting in front of my office PC waiting for the signal to go.

I brought Posh and Leslie, but I wish I brought Helga, too. Man, I have way too many cameras. O_o


Baking Mojo

Three strikes and I'm out. Wah.

Two in a row now. First, it was my second try at Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes (I thought self-rising flour was cake flour—apparently, not). So I did the same recipe, this time using the correct flours. I ended up with cupcakes that felt like puto. They looked like cupcakes alright, but when I took a bite out of one of them, it felt wrong. It wasn't until I finished the cupcake that I realized its texture resembled that of a puto's. Dammit.

This morning, I wanted chewy peanut butter cookies. I remember making these from my Mrs. Fields Cookie Book so I whipped out the ingredients and started making the batter. I should've probably worried about my batter looking a bit runny and should've probably lowered my oven's temp at this point.

I only put six cookies on each baking sheet because I knew they'd spread out (I usually put twelve on a sheet).

I didn't think they'd spread out (to the point of some batches becoming one gigantic cookie) that much.

So now, I ended up with crispy-chewy (there's a crunch on the edge but the cookie itself is chewy—I'm guessing because of the amount of sugar in it) too-thin cookies. Sigh.

I'm scared to bake again because I might mess it up! Ugh. I've been wanting to try this recipe for old-fashioned chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow topping all week, but after this, I don't know. Huhuhu! Have I lost my baking magic?


The best mom ever.

There's not a day I don't think about you. The other day I was close to tears because I couldn't remember the sound of your voice. I love you. Happy Mother's Day to the best mother in the whole wide world. I really miss you.


Tired of being number 2, I can do what she can do

Since I haven't been baking for awhile now (been sick, I don't want to contaminate Macy's Fields goodies), I've been looking to my other de-stresser. Dancing! Hee hee. After one week of rest from dance class with my officemates, we finally resumed last night.

It was a coincidence that the new song we learned the choreo to was also by Janet Jackson (our first dance was "Feedback" taught by the peeps from CADS), "So Much Betta." I love it!

It was so nice to snuggle under the covers after a long, cold shower. I woke up this morning to a Reese's Peanut Butter Pie and although it was already smashed (it fell on its side inside the box. Boo.), it was so yummy.

Today's going to be a long day. I'm dreading 4pm, yet I'm also hoping that I'll finally understand what will go on in our lives for the weeks to come. I'm scared as hell. Please pray for me and my family.


Clearly, an obsession

YM convo this morning
A: grabe nasugat ako sa rewind wheel ng smena! :S
A: huhuhu
B: hahahaha schmeimei can be dangerous to your health
A: ang hirap pihitin
B: see addiction na tlaga siya
B: dahil nasasaktan na tayo literal, hindi lang bulsa natin
A: hahaha

Can you guess which one is me? d:

But it was definitely all worth it because this is the first roll that I really, really like taken with Leslie the Smena (or Schmeimei, as my friend calls hers.). Love, love, love the sky and the trees in UP.

Blues and greens (: My toes trying to get in the frame Reflections Red cars parked Looks like moss My favorite out of the roll of 36
The trees in UP are amazing Blue skies and electricity From down below Through our garage The sky on a Thursday afternoon Leaves and flowers

a quickr pickr post



I've been sick the past week and this holiday was a welcome retreat. I didn't know how awesome it was to sleep in the middle of the day until my head hit my pillow this afternoon and I snoozed for a good 3 hours.

Spent the entire morning with Kaich, the birthday girl, in UP getting stuff photocopied and taking pictures (I hope I really finish my roll this time! I keep wasting the last four shots of my past rolls—I rewind before I get to the end of the roll.).

Since Ate Elena (our favorite maid (: we haven't one since last year, I think) got back, my room has never been more organized. Haha! And today, I thought of opening up my windows and drawing the blinds because my room felt so stuffy and hot. And despite the initial obstacle (my windows have been shut for years now so they were kind of tough to open), I'm glad I opened them because my view was amazing! The day was just perfect!

Then, I woke up a few minutes ago to the sound of raindrops. It was only for maybe two minutes but it was so refreshing. I liked the cool breeze blowing into my room.

We should get more holidays!!!