Christmas This Year

It was a different kind of Christmas this year. No yummy spread on our dining table, no last minute Christmas shopping (which we do every year), no ritual of opening Christmas presents in La Loma. Different.

It was just us six, with dad's yayo and our driver and mom's cousin. Just us in an unfamiliar place. But it was a happy Christmas, anyway.

We still had a tree (which Kuya Mong brought) and opened gifts (not at midnight since mom has an early bed time these days). Our Noche Buena was in the form of Filipino food ordered from a Korean-Japanese restaurant, where my mommy thanked them in Korean and the Koreans said "walang anuman" in response.

It was different, but I really had nothing to worry about. Christmas will be merry no matter where you are. I guess it's who you are with that counts. And these days, I'm glad I have my family. ♥


Life Is (Bitter)Sweet

Things have been happily going my way for the past week. But there is something lurking in the shadows. I will pretend that it doesn't really exist yet. After all, I will only really know about it next week.

I don't get why they think the only solution to a problem is to start from square one. Why not build on what you already have and fix the problem from there?

Why do they always have to complicate things? Sigh. Happiness always comes with a price. /: I guess, it's true what they say. You can't have it all.


All she wants is to dance

15:15, Seoul. Shyness is no excuse. I used to think I was too shy to dance—but then I felt so happy doing it, I just knew I could never go back. Am still a shy person, but one who will do everything she wants to.

Found this in my phone when I was cleaning out my inbox, outbox, and saved messages. I typed it into my phone one day in Baguio, when Marla and I were waiting to go back to Manila. It was a display at the Nike store with Korean singer BoA on the walls.

In Church (twice) today, I couldn't help but cringe at my stomach, which now (sadly) bursts out of my jeans. My thighs have never been thin, but they haven't been this massive, either. I never used to have a problem with my weight, but I think it's safe to say that I am now unfit.

I wish I could dance again. Maybe even just twice a week, an hour at a time. I can start tomorrow—if I remember.


A Beautiful Surprise

We will be going on many adventures together, darling.

I've been browsing Flickr for pictures taken with a Holga and I'm getting excited to have my first roll developed. After browing through LomoManila (which I registered for, but my account never got approved. Harrr.) though, I read that sometimes the first roll doesn't even have any print-worthy shots! Hahaha! Oh God. I hope mine has at least one good shot! I've never used 120 film so I'm worried about how my pictures will come out. But I guess that's the beauty of shooting film, the outcome is always a surprise. Beautiful or not, I guess we will have to wait. (: