Instamonth: November 2013

Sweet, sweet November. Went on a trip with my beautiful niece. Found time to craft by the sea! Had yummy treats. Turned another year older. So many baby dates. Learned more about calligraphy with friends. Did proper fangirling for Catching Fire. Went on a road trip. Got sick.

Can't believe it's already December in about 4 hours. Whuuut. Before you know it, it's already 2014.


Ten Things I'm Thankful For

♥ Learning a craft with some of my favorite girls in the world for my birthday.
♥ Salon perfect hair (haha)
♥ Handwritten birthday notes are always the best!
♥ Breakfast food for lunch and baby smiles and giggles for dessert.
♥ #kaladkarin dinners are even better with buy 2, take 1 promos on tacos and burritos.
♥ A lengthy late lunch with my DQs
♥ Staying up past 1 in the morning listening to my favorite songs and singing along with everyone in the room.
♥ Meeting the vocalist of my favorite band and giving him a card I made!
♥ A spur-of-the-moment lunch out and discovering a new place to escape to.
♥ Shopping for cute things and helping out at the same time.


Come By And See Me, I'm A Love Letter Away

It's been more than a week since I turned 31 and I don't think I've really written a thank you anywhere. But there is definitely so much to be grateful for.


This year was quieter than usual. There was a mid-day surprise by way of a paper wall of different birthday images (my favorite: grumpy cat with a cupcake) with messages from the Candy team and our Cosmo web neighbors. It seems like such a trivial thing, but anything handwritten—on a Post-It, on a cute Beatles card, on stationery slipped quietly into a present—makes me extra giddy these days. I taped my birthday notes on my bedroom door so I'm reminded every day how blessed I am. So that I remember that I'm surrounded by people who genuinely care for me.

Last night, I nervously went up to the vocalist of possibly my most favorite band in the world and handed him cards with lyrics from two of my favorite mae songs. I didn't tell him how their music became a soundtrack to my life, how I bought my ticket without knowing if I'd have anyone to see the show with, or how I've waited four years to hear him sing their songs live again. He signed the card I kept with "thank you for the love and support" and when I handed him one I wanted him to keep, he said, "You have to write something on it too." And all I had to say was this: "Thank you for coming back."

Let's write letters again. I think it's a beautiful habit to keep.


Instamonth: October 2013

Crazy how you realize how busy a month is at a glance, no? October was a happy mix of work and play. Also, the amount of baby pictures taking over my feed is making my heart smile!

If you want to follow bits of my silly life, check me out on Instagram! Fair warning: I take the occasional nail polish of the day photo, I'm totally the kind of person who takes photos of her food before she wolfs it all down, and I'm the best-worst stage tita.


Where I Wish I Were

Crafted by the sea over the weekend and hand lettered some lyrics to Club 8 (pictured) and The Weepies. Making some birthday plans and I'm super excited for something I'm cooking up with the Candy Girls and Alessa. Yay yay yay!