Chocolate Kiss and College

Chocolate Kiss was my happy food in college. I remember trooping there every Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) with Kaich, Patty, and Jeifan. Switching between adobo and chicken kiev and salpicao.

We decided to meet up today for late lunch. I was looking forward to my favorite Kahlua Butter Cake and refillable iced tea. They had already ordered when I got there. I was trying to remember what I always ordered. Kaich said it was Salisbury Steak so I ordered that. "Sorry, Ma'am. Wala na po eh." Then, we figured no, it was Chicken Kiev. "Sorry, Ma'am. Wala na po eh." I really wanted rice. So one more try, "Beef Salpicao na lang." "Sorry, Ma'am. Wala na po eh." HAAAA? The waiter suggested pasta but I was dead set on getting kanin. So I chose an unfamiliar meal (meaning I've never tried it before): Fish Fillet with Pesto Salsa and Paprika Rice.

Then this blob was presented to me. It didn't look appetizing to me but it did smell yummy. I was apprehensive about the salsa because sometimes salsa=wansoy, which I'm not a fan of. But I ended up finishing the entire plate save for maybe two tablespoons of the paprika rice. And then of course, I had to order dessert. Patty already sent me a message ahead of time that Kahlua Butter Cake was available so yay!

I actually told the cake, "I've missed you." I don't know why I love this cake so much. I especially savor the two-part icing going on. Fudge + butter cream, be still my frosting-loving heart.

Here we are trying to channel our college selves. Well, technically, Ry and Kaich are still in school, just on break. Patty and I have no excuse. And Jeifan is being her grown-up self at Philippine Fashion Week. Haha! We missed you, Naf!

Can't wait to see you again on my birthday weekend! (:

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe
UP Diliman, QC and
91 Roces Avenue


Two Nights in a Row

People are generally surprised when I'm out late at night because they know my bed time is actually 9pm (although these days I've been sleeping close to midnight and not too proud of it). But staying in an office building for more than 10 hours can really make your realize how much you've been just working. So whenever there's a chance to get out—an event, a premiere, a meeting(haha)—I try to go if time lets me.

So last Thursday after work, I headed to a 20-minute preview of Disney's Tron Legacy (which was AWESOME! Too bad we have to wait 'til December 17 to see the entire thing) and ETC's Vamped event. We're big fans of The Vampire Diaries so we figured, why not check out the party?

With Angela and Tessa of ETC, making chismis about TVD and other ETC shows.

We had our picture taken with "Damon" and "Katherine" at the photobooth, had TVD-inspired drinks, and had salty calamares before we called it a night. We also got news that ETC is showing Pretty Little Liars soon!


Last night, after a loooong day at work (that included a very satisfying meal at Recipes, another payday waldas that I don't even know how to justify, plus a record-breaking chat event that made our numbers soar to great heights haha), my friends picked me up so we could all go "par-tay." HAHA! It's been a running joke that whenever we decide to come out late at night, it's called a lolas night out. And by lola, I sure don't mean Madonna's kid.

Speaking of lolas, this year, my friends and I decided to semi-dress up for Halloween. Last year, we dressed up as Josie and the Pussycats and actually won a prize (that we never used, come to think of it). We decided to just do a '50s theme. And we don't know but pearls seemed to have tied all our outfits together.

Binky actually did a '50s DIY project but ended up not wearing her dress. She stitched a poodle cutout on it—complete with a leash! Super cute. Laika channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn. I tried to do a Betty Draper but my brother told me I was more a Peggy. Whatever that means, I haven't exactly caught up with Mad Men. It's funny, though, because this is actually something I'd wear on any other given day. Maybe I was born in the wrong era. IDK.

As you can see, not a lot of people really dressed up. But when this girl stepped in, we all had to turn and look in her direction. She had fiery orange hair sticking up from her head and she was in a flesh bodysuit. She came as a Troll! Hahaha! Best costume of the night, I think.

And well, look at me in a club, drinking... water. Hahaha! I woke up past 8 this morning, which is late in my book. I've spent all day on the computer, only taking breaks to go to the bathroom and eat. I don't think I'm going to be out like that any time soon. I've reached my quota, hehe.



Our November issue just hit the stands this week. It's our annual Hollywood issue and we've got not just one but THREE awesome covers. Emma Watson (who has a loffly accent! Still can't believe we were on the phone with her three months ago.), the cast of Glee and The Vampire Diaries.

Some of you might be wondering if you have to buy all three covers. They're actually all in one issue. We shot a super short video to show you how to change the covers.

If you're a big fan of everything celebrity-related, be sure to grab your copy of Candy!


Homemade is Always Good

I've been thinking of what to make since I had leftover buttercream frosting (vanilla tinted pink and chocolate) from a shoot I did last week. The easy thing to do was make some cupcakes and frost them with the buttercream. But since I saw a link to Smitten Kitchen's homemade Oreos (this is one of my favorite blogs ever!), I figured I'd give it a try. I also got to use my brand new Silpat from my friend Kaich and her mom. I have one from Silicone Zone but I've always wanted this one because I'd always see it on TV. Haha!

So my oven has been acting up. When I turn it on for pre-heating, it lights up and the fan turns on. Then, right when I'm about to put my tray in, it decides to shut itself off! Eep. I think it may be faulty wiring but I'm not sure. Time to send it back to the oven doctor aka electrician. Does anyone use an electric oven here? Has this happened to you?

Ended up with 40 cookies but since my oven was turning itself off and then back on again, the heat was hardly constant. /: The cookies didn't spread out or flatten. They turned out more like crinkles. Haha!

So I could've just dusted them with confectioner's sugar, and they'd be perfect little chocolate crinkles. But I was on a mission to use my leftover frosting.

I got around to buying a cooling rack from Living Well in Podium. Before I did, I was making use of the circular grill that came with our turbo broiler. d:

I still ended up with the tub of chocolate frosting (didn't get to use it) and a bit of pink vanilla buttercream, but these homemade Oreos (baby whoopie pies? crinkle sandwich cookies?) will have to do for now until I get my oven fixed. Don't they look pretty?


Songs I Like: Estelle Feat. John Legend - "Fall in Love"

Though I don't always agree with John Legend's lyrics ("Now you can't say I don't love you/Just because I cheat on you" WHAT? NO.), I love his voice. And I love Estelle. This video has Jesse Williams. IDEK. Press play. You'll see what I mean. (:

Of firsts

It's our first Christmas in our "new" old home. We've been staying in my mom's sister's house for almost nine months now. Wow, nine months. That's like a full-term baby. We're luckier than most I suppose, having family who's supportive and you know will always have your back no matter what. Maybe someday, we'll get to save up for our own home and we'll get to return the favor somehow.

The past few months have been long and tiring and never-ending. I always think to myself, maybe next week, I'll get some time to just, well, do nothing. But that never seems to be the case. But I guess I'm also grateful. For time with family, friends, and even work. And how blessed I've been recently.

When I came home Friday night after dinner with friends, I saw that my dad had already set up our beautiful black tree in the living room. And when I woke up the next morning, he had also asked that the Christmas plates be brought out.

Christmas seemed like such a strange and distant holiday to me two years ago. I still feel that it is. But as I'm always trying to look at the brighter side of things, I know that just like every year, we'll manage to make it a happy one. (:


Surf and Turf with the Girls

I've been dreading going home for a month now because as you may have noticed, I have no idea how to get home without a car. Cabbing is hardly considered "commuting," I know, but it's the closest I know how to.

This week has been incredibly good to me because I've been able to get a ride home all week. I didn't have to ride a cab by myself, praying the rosary for my safety (exag ba?).

Last night, I wasn't sure how I was going to get to dinner with my barkada (ended up riding with Nikki, who's my officemate who I never see because we're on separate floors, hehe) or go home (I was planning on taking a cab but it turned out my brother wasn't going to use his car so I could ask to be picked up). At the end of the day, though, everything just sort of fell into place and I had a great time with my friends after a long, tiring week of work.

Early birds Lani and Laika

Traffic was terrible along Libis (but then again, when is it not bumper-to-bumper along that road?). My best friend Laika was already done with work at 5:30pm but since everyone got stuck in traffic, she had to wait for us 'til around 8pm. Lani was the second early bird. Haven't seen her since she got back from Singapore!

(Clockwise from left) Justin, Nikki, Zsa, Fretz, Lani, Laika, and me

Take one with horns (or a peace sign!). Tsk, tsk!

Baguio-bound Justin ♥ Nikki, blushing Zarah, and Vegan Yogi Fretz

Worker-from-home (hehe) Lani, BB addict Laika, and window bangs Macy

Golda got to join us after a harrowing night of traffic.

After a fifteen-minute discussion on why we were P200 short (hahaha), we headed home. The food was yummy (We ordered the Surf and Turf platter, that comes with an assortment of barbecued chicken, lamb, beef & pork ribs, cream dory, salmon, tuna, rice, and a house salad. I loved the garlic sauce with the fish) and the company was great. I love Friday nights with friends!

Uncle Cheffy's Brick-Oven BBQ
Unit A216 & S201 Level 2, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City Cyberpack, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue(C5)
4702750 and 3837215


A Yummy Kind of Scary

When I get asked to do something for this magazine, I'm always thrilled. Then I feel excited, scared, and nervous. Well, it's not like they've asked me several times but when my friend Elaineplim (hahaha) asked if I could do a Twilight-inspired story for Yummy Ideas, I immediately said yes. Never mind that I wasn't sure I'd be able to come up with four ideas based solely on the book/movie. I think out of the four, though, my favorite would be the Werewolf "Dog Food." Hahaha! See, we even shot it in a doggie bowl (thanks to my EIC Mia for lending her "for photo shoots only" bowl!). I also ended up discovering how easy it is to make caramel popcorn. When I got home after the shoot, I totally made another batch for me and my youngest brother. We ran out of cashew nuts by that time but it was still pretty good. Maybe I should make some again this long weekend...

Grab a copy of the October 2010 of Yummy! (:


Owls and Polish at Heavenly Chocolates

One of my best buds from college went away for a month to visit her sister and her new niece Ellie (yes just like in Up!). I missed her so much that we planned to get together two days right after she landed. We were worried about the weather, but the moment she picked me up, the skies cleared and there was absolutely no traffic!

Since I've been car-less for about a month now (please pray we find a good deal for a van soon), we decided to eat somewhere near my house so she could take me home after. We've been wanting to try this place called Heavenly Chocolates for a while now but we never did get to go until last night.

She tried the Ghana (the lady at the store described it as "smooth") while I stuck to the traditional Belgian Milk Chocolate. We were deciding between the pasta and the pizza but we figured we'd like the pizza better.

Here's our pizza. Chocolate sauce, crispy shallots and bacon, plus a smattering of slivered almonds. I liked it a lot! The chocolate was more bitter than sweet and the salty bacon and shallots complemented it quite well. I also loved that the crust was crunchy.

With Kaich while she was on the phone with her sister. I felt like I had so much kwento to tell her, I ended up talking her head off the whole night. Hahaha!

I had the Belgian Chocolate Cake and the Quattro for Kaich. I liked them both. Her cake had a fudgy base and both had yummy chocolate icing. Mmm. I still have half the slice that I'm eating for dessert after lunch. (:

Of course a trip out of the country means pasalubong. Kaich got me a funky shade of matte polish (I've never tried matte polish) plus the cutest owl pouch. She noticed I've had a fascination for them lately. It came in such perfect timing, too, because my makeshift mobile phone pouch is literally bursting at the seams (or the zipper if we're being specific). They (her and her mom) also got me a Silpat! Woohoo!

Thanks, Kaich! I super had fun catching up. (: See you and Patty this weekend!

Heavenly Chocolates
127 Roces Avenue (corner T. Morato) Quezon City, Philippines (beside Taste of LA)
Monday-Saturday 11am - 10pm
Sunday 11am - 7:30pm


Step Into That Puddle

One of my pet peeves is getting wet, squishy feet while walking under the rain. Or worse, getting the edges of your jeans wet from the puddles. Ick. I know I can never pull off rain boots (though this one is Sew Cute!) so when my friend Em told me about these Rain Skimmers, I was excited to try them on.

Today's rain-proof outfit essentials:

I wore the same Nike Windrunner and my trusty Audrey Rain Skimmers to the John Mayer concert earlier this month. And while I was totally drenched by the end of the night, my head stayed dry (thank you to whoever invented hoodies) and my toes were dry, too! Like I didn't even stand under the rain for two hours.

What about you? When it rains, what do you put on?


A Wish List Is In Order

So even if I'm already done shopping (I think I need to tell this to myself everyday so it sticks), there's no reason why I can't make a wish list. Right? (:

I don't think I'll ever grow tired of making lists. It doesn't even matter that most of the things on my wish list are stuff I actually buy myself. There's something about online window shopping that gives me such a cheap thrill!

1. Maggi oxfords, Ichigo; 2. Kenny brogues, Ichigo; 3. Floral Bow Holdall, Topshop; 4. Love Makes The World Go Round watch, Accessorize; 5. Turquoise Flamingo watch, Triwa; 6. Vintage Heart Watch ring, Accessorize; 7. Chocolate wash cross body satchel or pink washed cross body satchel, Dorothy Perkins


A Birthday Treat Too Early

Got a head start at the Forever 21 sale this Friday. Here's my humble haul all P2800 of it. What a bargain! We were only 3 people when it started and I didn't know where to go first—I was literally going around in circles. I kept coming and going back to some sections, deciding if I really wanted that top or that skirt. I ended up getting everything I fit, though. Hee hee.

It's kind of scary how much stuff I've acquired from the store considering it's only been open for four months. But let me wallow in my post-shopping bliss for now. (: I am declaring this my birthday gift to myself so if you find me buying something in November, please stop me. d:


Is Social Media A Fad?

An updated version of a video on social media I saw last year. A year ago, I was asked to give a seminar at work about using social media to market brands. (I don't remember why I was chosen.) Today, I was asked to give a similar talk to one of the sister companies of my office. I was nervous but quite thrilled that I was asked to do it. Of course I did it as a favor to my boss (therefore I wasn't paid for it, hehehe) but it only affirms that I must be doing my job right. (: It's something to consider although I can't imagine myself doing just this. But how awesome is it that I know enough to have people listen to me talk about it? I don't know. It makes me feel good about myself.