Hanging Out With My Girls

My family usually tags along with my dad's brother's family (that's a lot of apostrophes) on long weekends to Tagaytay, but this time we didn't have any plans. Most of our friends already had plans (or work, boo!) so it was just me, Laika, and Mikko. Fun times as always: painting our nails, our favorite crepes, a new resto, and impromptu "shopping" at Mix's igloo.

I think the next time we hang out, we should bring extra clothes so we can play Fruit Ninja or Dance Central. Haha! We always just end up sitting around and eating, which is totally fun but not good for our metabolism. :))

Hopefully the weather makes up its mind (woke up to a really sunny morning then the rain just came crashing down again) so we can visit Mommy today.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Wallpaper for the Soul

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Scarlet Cake from Cookbook Kitchen ♥

Wishful Wednesday

Universe, please make this happen for me. (:

Thoughtful Thursday

{via Pinterest}

Fashion Friday


Last Friday Night

My kind of Friday night involves greasy food, milk tea, and sweet endings.

Not in picture: my glorious La Delice, after declaring I wanted something salty. Hahaha!

What was your Friday night like?


(Don't) Put Yourself Out There

I have a paper journal that my friend gave me as a birthday present back in 2003. I'm only on page 60, 8 years later. I've never been the type to write every day (I used to blog every minute! I think you call it Twitter nowadays.), but I just kept this in my room for emergency purposes.

The other night, 2 years since my last "entry," I had to write somewhere. Not here where everyone can see, or in LJ, even when locked, I feel like there are still prying eyes. I guess there are still some things I can't share with everybody.


Tonight, you belong to me

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Don Juan's Crunchy Chili Garlic in Olive Oil and Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup from Borough

Wishful Wednesday

Still thinking about this bag. If there's still one waiting for me on Monday, it is meant to beee! <3

Thoughtful Thursday

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Fashion Friday


How come you never go there?

Music Monday
How Come You Never Go There by Feist

Tasty Tuesday
Craving for fried Oreos and Tiramisu. Among other things.

Wishful Wednesday

My One True Love, we will be reunited soon. I promise.

Thoughtful Thursday
I love getting no-occasion presents from friends who just simply think of me when they come across something. I think it makes anyone feel special. Spotted a pretty necklace at the mall yesterday and got it for my best friend. I hope she likes it!

Fashion Friday


I'm about to call the paparazzi on myself

Been listening to Watch the Throne for the past 2 days (thanks, Mikachu for tweeting about it!). I won't be surprised if I just break out in rhyme one day. Hahaha, okay. That's probably not going to happen. Internet at home's been crappy. I'm going to take this as a sign and go read books. d:

You can stream Watch the Throne on prettymuchamazing. I love "Otis."


Dinner with Friends

I really think this needs to be done once a week. You know, for sanity. Hehehe.


I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

I had pie last Saturday and I realized just how much I miss baking. /: I want to make Chocolate Turtle Pie!

Wishful Wednesday

I always want to be on the beach for my birthday, but I know it's not realistic because the weather's always crazy. I do want to go back to Misibis, though.

Thoughtful Thursday
sparkling Salad wallet
photo by katherinenell

Got a new wallet because one of my friends is moving to a new place and has been clearing out her "junk." Thanks, Tatin! (:

Fashion Friday

Maxi dresses


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

I was supposed to meet up with my friends this morning to go on a trip to Divisoria, but Jenn got a migraine last night so we had to cancel. So I asked the rest of my barkada if they were still up to watching Babae sa Septic Tank today. There were also plans of Kinect and lazing around with Kaich and Patty, but I don't think that's pushing through either.

So from so many plans, I am down to no plans. And that's alright, because I'm in the middle of reading 3 books (it's a mystery I haven't mixed up the characters of Sisterhood Everlasting, One Day, and Before Ever After). I also just finished "working," scheduling 3 days worth of Facebook posts (I really do love HootSuite). Just one more event tonight for work (My Fitness Pal won't be too happy) and hello, weekend.

Scenes from the week that was: