Dearest Mommy

I would like to spend a day,
sitting beside you on your bed.
We can watch TV or just sleep
together. We don't need to speak
or even touch. All I need
is some time to be
with you, here and now.
I'll tell you about how
there was a boy and now
there's a girl I fell in love
with. She's tiny and beautiful
and someone I know you
already love without
even meeting. I wish you
were here for even just a few
quiet moments. To make up
for the days we've lost
and for the years that I'm scared
will be forgotten.
I hope you know that
every day you are missed.


Photo Diary: Coron, Palawan

I can't believe I did not write anything here in April. So much for promising to document as much as I can on this silly little blog.

I also can't believe that we're already five months into 2013. How is it possible that a third of the year has come and gone that quickly?

Just as April was ending, I took a week off from work to fly to Palawan. It was my first time on the island of Coron and I was not disappointed. Here are just a few photos from the wonderful trip that signals the start of summer for me.

It will be so hard to get out of bed tomorrow morning after a 7-day weekend. Haha!