A Good Day For Eating

Spent my Saturday in good company, both in terms of food and friends. Headed to the Rockwell Tent for Yummy Eats (after last year, how could we not go?) The venue this year was much smaller than last year's so it was a bit hard to get around. But that definitely didn't stop us from sampling all the Yummy Eats at the tent!

Cukay's Red Velvet cupcake. So good!
Style Bible's Isha Andaya-Valles serving Chuck's Grub!
Almost like liempo chicharon. Sarap!

My favorite of the day: the best chocolate chip cookies with fleur de sel. Omnomnom.
Sampled the Aztec Truffle and the Bluecheese Praline. Yummy! (Sorry, I'm probably going to reuse this term a lot in this entry.)

Pinkerton's Alexandra Rocha noticed we were sweating like pigs (hehe) and offered us a sample of their guava basil sorbet. Truly refreshing!
That's Shar Tan of Qitchen Queens/Goodles (also, Candy's former fashion editor!).
LOVED the ham and mushroom cheese dip. Forgot to take home a jar.
Mochiko debuted their new flavor at the event. We sampled milk tea and Oreos and milk. Looooved the Oreos and milk.
Attempting to take a photo of Pipino's booth, I managed to intrude in this couple's moment. Haha, whoops!
And as if all that food wasn't enough, we had late lunch at Cafe Med and I had this entire plate to myself. Hee hee!

We went around the mall in an attempt to burn all the calories from the event but ended up waiting at a coffee shop to eat some more before dinner. Met up with my favorite friends from college and had breakfast with margaritas (hee hee!). Ended the day with a yummy slice of Red Velvet cake and I went home with a super satisfied tummy.

Now back to regular food programming. Got a shoot tomorrow that I'm excited-nervous about. Wish me luck!


The Most Important Woman In Our Lives

My friend Marla made me listen to this song about four years ago when my mom passed away. Whenever I hear it, I think of my mom. That maybe she really did have to get away from here.

I always wonder what it would be like if she were still alive. Would we still be living in our old house? Would we still spend every Sunday afternoon watching gossip shows? Would she still get mad at us for always being in front of the computer? Sometimes I still get mad that I don't get to have my mom anymore. But then, I guess I'm reminded that there's always someone looking out for me, someone taking care of me. In the form of my dad, my brothers, my friends, and even my friend's moms—people who aren't even related to me! Thank you to all those who've become a mother, one way or another, to me. I appreciate the love and will be forever grateful.

Maybe you had to get out of here.
Maybe you lost your way down here.
Maybe you've found a shinier star.
A shinier star.
Leaving your heart beating in fragile hands.
And nobody understands.
Maybe you're gone.
Maybe you are finally coming home.


Nailing It: Ombre Stain

When I saw this tutorial on The Beauty Department, I knew I had to try it. Someone commented that it looked like I dipped my fingers in blood, haha! But in reality, they kind of reminded me of rose petals.

I'll try mixing up colors next time for a dip-dye effect.


Songs I Like: "I'm Coming Over" by Jason Mraz

Absolutely loving Jason Mraz's new album, Love is a Four Letter Word. (: This was a pleasant surprise at the end of the record. ♥


Let's Get Crafty

Whenever I go shopping, I have this habit of saying, "Kaya natin gawin yan" when I see an item that looks nice, but is ridiculously overpriced. For example, I'm not going to spend a thousand hard-earned pesos on a bracelet that I can make from the handles of an old paper bag. My friends already tease me with #shitdiygirlssay whenever I say these things.

But after today, I bow down to the REAL crafters! I'm really just a fan of DIY and I'm happy I got to meet such creative people. I have no words so I'll let all the photos do the talking. We were 16 in all, meaning we got to take home 15 fantastic crafty things. Thanks, Alessa for organizing the craft soiree! Congratulations!

Craft overload? Nakakalula, diba? It was like Craft Christmas with our goodie bag overflowing with talent! NUKS. I'm also so glad to have hung out with friends at Pipino—the only place where I actually eat my veggies! I have a new favorite: veggie tempura. My goodness! Ang sarap!

 You probably guessed what my craft was for the day. Macy's Fields reprezent with Kaichypoo!

Me looking like nag-pa-picture sa artista with the super blooming Em!

Ale took my, Koko, and Mikko's mug shots with her Polaroid. I like the stains on the photo—may character! Hahaha!

Thanks for the ride and this cool photo, Koko! (:

Was too tired to stay for the bracelet making, but I'm sure there will be many more crafternoons to come.