Local And Handmade

I love being around creative people. There's something so inspiring about seeing handmade things.

After the baby shower, I headed to Hip Pinoy along Katipunan extension with Mikko to check out her booth. I ended up saying hello to some of the crafters I met at Alessa's First Craft Soiree. Also, I couldn't resist getting a few things from the booths. Self-control, what's that?

Mikko shared her booth with her cousins, Aki of The Girls Room, and Dina of Wired Charms.

Mansy of Hey Kessy had all sorts of prettiness on her table.

From April's stash, I picked up this pack of Artisan cupcake toppers. Still thinking of what to do for my birthday. Maybe I can finally have that Pushing Daisies tea party I've always wanted to do. These would be perfect for that! She was also selling pretty accessories and dateless journals.

Got myself two rolls of washi tape (for what, I really don't know. I have a bunch of tape from my trip to Singapore that I still haven't touched. Hoarders alert!) and a free sticker and yellow heart. Hehe.

Love the color combo of this craft lace keychain. Thinking of attaching it to my multicolored Yakpak.

Sweet surprise of the day: Wired Charms earrings! Dina let me pick a pair and even wrapped them up in lovely packaging.

I've been told a few times to join bazaars during Christmas time, but I always think I can't handle the work. Maybe sometime soon would be a good time to try. We'll see!


Future Lola

I still can't get my head around the fact that my friends are getting engaged, married, and having babies. But I suppose it's only inevitable since I am turning 30 in less than a month (30!). Just last Sunday, my best friend had a baby shower for her baby girl. We're all so excited to meet Mitos in a few weeks! (:

Since it was my first time to attend a baby shower, I had no idea what games to prepare. Good thing Laika's sister, Chinky, thought up some cool ones. We also got plain onesies and had the guests design them for baby girl Mitos. Above was inspired by the popular candy—which incidentally was the giveaway too. Chinky had labels customized to have the baby's name.

The boys were unfortunately subjected to drinking iced tea from a bottle. Haha! So glad they were all game, though!

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we had a round of pin the sperm on the egg. A grand total of 2 guys managed to aim correctly. Of course Marc, Laika's hubby and Mitos's soon-to-be dad, got it right smack in the middle!

Everyone did a great job on the onesies. Can't wait till Mitos actually wears them. Can't wait to meet her. (:


Tasty Trips: Wooden Spoon

When Patty planned dinner in Katipunan, I asked if she wanted to try something new. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this restaurant and wanted to check it out. The day we were going to have dinner, Kaich even retweeted Mr. C regarding the parking situation (no reservations!), haha. So it was decided:

The spread for three growing girls (heh): lumpiang sotanghon (already wiped out except for the piece on my plate), tostadong adobo, spicy sigarilyas in gata (tried it and had more than one bite! I like the crispy fish bits in it too), wansoy shrimp balls (had one bite of this but decided not to eat the rest because I'm not a fan of wansoy).

Of course I had to order the adobo. I love adobo. It's my favorite ulam of all time. I think I can probably eat it every day (much to the dismay of my brothers, hahaha). This one was the kind that just has to be eaten with rice—and lots of it. We were hesitant about getting the garlic rice, which was good for four, but guess what. Yep, we ate it all. We were totally happy with our food and at P250 each, who wouldn't be?

I always love hanging out and eating with these girls. Till our next food trip! (

Wooden Spoon
329 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel. no. 426-0044
Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Tuesdays to Sundays


You Know Where To Find Me

Music Monday

{ Thank you, Mika, for tweeting a link to this video! }

Tasty Tuesday
 { My favorite chocolate bar of all time in dive bar form! Alpine White, Sebastian's }

Wishful Wednesday
{ Friendship that spans time and distance. I ♥ my Lolas! }

Thoughtful Thursday
{ Hello, how are you? }

Fashion Friday
{ Anyone who can rock high tops like Taylor Tomasi Hill is chic in my book.(Feeling!) For purposes of style stalking. }

* weekly-themed post adapted from That's Chic


Baker's Bites: Happy 87th Birthday, Lola!

My dad's mom turned 87 last Saturday. Baked her some chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies to share with everyone for lunch. I love making chocolate chip cookies! They're always a big hit as proven by the crumbs left from the dozen I left for the house. My dad says the box we gave lola was also wiped out. Hooray!
I usually cut up the butter into blocks before creaming so that the mixer doesn't have a hard time whipping it. I also cream the butter a few minutes before adding the sugars. Usually, recipes tell you to mix the white and brown sugar first or cream all three ingredients together. I don't know. This technique just seems to work better for me.

I like that the cookies stay almost the same shape as I scooped them whenever I use a silicone mat. They kind of just flatten a little which results in...

...perfect cookies—all the time!

They were just the right kind of chewy and the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips were ooey gooey. Can't wait to make another batch. What are your favorite cookie recipes? Care to share?

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You, You're Like A Dream, Dream Come True

Music Monday

I promise when I turn 30 I will stop with this ridiculous obsession with teenybopper things. Okay, wait. Don't quote me on that, hahahaha!

Tasty Tuesday
Love when restaurants let me switch up items on the menu. I got the Mango Hazelnut Crepe, but had them change the mangoes to bananas instead. This is my fave thing to order from La Creperie!

Wishful Wednesday
My uncle's awesome gate. The galvanized steel eye is brilliant! Someday, I want to own a house that's different from your standard cookie-cutter home.

Thoughtful Thursday
Print from Marielle of Craft MNL, part of the loot bag from Alessa's birthday.

Fashion Friday
Above: A palm tree dress on sale and bought with gift certificates so it came out as P150++; Below: My attempt at dressing young for the Jonas Brothers concert last Friday. Had tons of fun and I'm not ashamed to say I'm a huge fan. I love you, Nick J!


Crafty Birthday

I was so thrilled to be invited to Alessa's birthday lunch this afternoon. Saw familiar faces from the first craft soiree and friends I haven't seen in a long time. It was great to catch up over yummy burgers (I put bacon, caramelized onions, garlic cream cheese, lettuce, and barbecue sauce in mine!) and crafts.

We all had to design two totes—one to exchange with the other guests and one to donate for charity. Alessa also shared her new collaboration, this time with Anthill Fabric Gallery. I personally can't wait to try on a pair of the brogues!

It was a pretty fun afternoon and we all left with satisfied bellies and a tote full of goodies.

Happy birthday again, Ale! Thanks for inviting us and hosting another awesome event.