Ten Things I'm Thankful For

♥ Getting featured on my favorite local beauty blog! Kilig!
♥ Glittery nail date + new bottles to try out!
♥ Snagging the snazziest Karen Walker-ish sunnies
♥ Catching up on some of my favorite shows. Finally.
♥ Finishing everything on my to-do list (well, okay I had to work a bit Saturday morning, but after that I vegged!).
♥ Visiting my mom (:
♥ Seeing two babies: my best friend's and my old boss-turned-friend's
♥ Dinner and drinks of the non-alcoholic kind
♥ A restful long weekend
♥ Gaining a sister over the weekend (;


Made It Myself: Pastel-Colored Roses On Cupcakes

Ever since I learned how to frost cupcakes with my Wilton 1m star tip, I've been making my icing look like roses on top of my cupcakes.

When my friend Marla asked me to make cupcakes for her little sister's 18th birthday, I was wondering how to "dress them up nicely" for the debut. While I was mixing three different bowls of icing into pink, purple, and yellow, I tried to think of a way to achieve a sort of gradient effect on my frosting roses.

I scooped a tablespoon each into my Dessert Decorator Pro (the BEST thing EVER!) and continued until I filled it. When I started piping onto the cupcakes, I got exactly what I wanted! A purple-pink-yellow gradient magically appeared. So so so happy with how it turned out and now I can't wait to experiment more with colored frosting!

And because I hate storing leftover buttercream (and eventually forgetting I kept it in the first place then having to throw it out, anyway), I made just enough frosting for the 18 cupcakes with a few tablespoons left for the remaining 6. I frosted them Iced Gems-style and I have to admit, they still look pretty cute.

If you want to order cupcakes, cookies, or pies (I make an awesome Turtle Pie!), please like my Page on Facebook. (:


Instamonth: September 2013

Crazy how fast this year is whizzing past me. I can't believe it's already October! Didn't we just say hello to the new year? I credit this lightning speed to an incredibly long to-do list that never seems to run out!

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September was an awfully busy month. September is a big month in the publishing industry. While most people have their fashown issues, we've got the Candy Cuties special. And for the past 7 years, September also means it's Candy Fair time! When I look back to the very first one (we had it outdoors!), I can't believe how much it has changed and yet remained the same. It's still a gathering of the sweetest Candy Girls, who go crazy over Candy Cuties and scream at their fave celebrities and performers. I'm so grateful to be part of a team that gets along so well, whether in or out of work. (: And thankful for the very appreciative readers who really let us know how happy they are after every Candy Fair. ♥

I'm happy to report that I haven't stopped making things with my hands. I joined Alessa's first hand drawn pattern making workshop, where we got to design our own patterns and got them printed on fabric! I made a pencil case for my new Sharpies (the workshop came with a set of 12!) plus a small pillow for my favorite person, Little Miss Mira. Also dropped by Mikko's paracord bracelet workshop (already attended the first) and made even more funky bracelets to add to my arm party. And last but definitely not the least, I got to attend Mansy's 3D Washi Monogram party at Moonleaf last weekend. I was a little bit ambitious with my piñata 'M,' but my efforts did not go unnoticed as I was one of the three winners they picked. Haha! Piñata M now happily resides on my office desk. Excited for a crafty retreat with these three crazies in 2 weeks!

Another thing of note for the month of September was my Hong Kong trip. Last year, I did a day trip with my cousin and her parents when we went to Macau. This time around, I got to explore more of HK with my friends Blanche and Mimi (who was celebrating her birthday that weekend). Our biggest surprise of the trip was Typhoon Usagi, who literally would not let us leave. We had to stay two extra nights (one of which was spent attempting to sleep in HKIA!!!), making it one trip to remember! I'm super broke (bahahaha), but my traveling feet are very, very happy. I work to travel and eat often, and looks like I'm doing a pretty good job. Hehe.

It's only been 5 days into October and I can already tell how busy and tiring it will be. But I've got a beach trip to look forward to, a baby to see today, and my birthday is in a month! I hope I don't forget to check back in before then. (: