A Love Affair

Sunset ♥
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I finally got my LC-A to work and just like I imagined, paired with Kodak Elitechrome, it produces such beautiful colors!

I spent five lovely days on the beach with one of my best gals and her boyfriend and her parents. It was five days of relaxation, no worries, and lots of good, good food.

I got my 3 rolls back yesterday (1 roll came back unexposed—this was before figuring out that my LC-A's shutter wasn't opening) and I couldn't wait to see the photos.

Now I can't wait to load film into my cameras again and shoot! I love the surprise of waiting. Waiting if you'll be lucky this time or you'll have to try again. Maybe this is the good thing about the weather these days. The sun is always up, which only means my babies can come out and play!


Long weekends

What do you do on long weekends? Usually, we'd go to somewhere cooler like Baguio or Tagaytay. Or if I get to plan ahead, I'll disappear into the sun on some beach.

This is the second long weekend in a row that I've stayed at home. So far, I've... eaten half a bag of my Ruffles from last week (no chips for forty days was killer!), bullied my dad into treating me and Nior to Cornetto (super love the tugs tugs commercial, haha), caught up with my Tumblr dashboard, painted my nails a pretty shade of Tiffany blue, and watched an awesome episode of The Vampire Diaries.

If not for the horrible heat, my day would probably be perfect. I especially love the time when dad, Nior, and I are all in the living room and Nior and dad are teasing each other. Haha. Today, they were tickling each other for the remote control. You had to be there.

Tomorrow, I'm seeing Kaich for a chocolatey afternoon and then going to Mass in the super conservative Church with dad. What are your plans?



Behind-the-scenes picture from Life UnExpected S01E12
(photo courtesy of The CW)

I love cheesy dramas. One of my ultimate favorite series is Gilmore Girls. I was sad when it got canceled and Stars Hollow was never to be seen again. (Note to self: buy an original box set!) When Mimi told me about this show that was being marketed as Gilmore Girls meets Juno, I thought, hey why not give it a chance?

Some people thought the pilot was boring but I loved it! It sort of reminded me of Party of Five. It was a drama alright but not One Tree Hill-heavy kind of drama (hahaha, sorry OTH fans). I instantly fell in love with Lux and her blonde waves and knitted beanie, with Cate (from Roswell) and her radio partner and guy Ryan (from Dawson's Creek), with Baze who kind of grows on you after a couple of episodes. Still on the fence whether I'm Team Jones or Team Bug, though. d:

I wish one of the local channels would pick up this show. I love the warm, fuzzy feeling I get after watching it.


Second Christmas

Yesterday, I hit the mall with my boys. It was funny that we were shopping on Black Saturday. It was just too hot in the house and we wanted free AC. We got my dad a Cory shirt from Analog Soul (also scored a black bikini on sale, woohoo!) and my brother got him a cute Lebron shirt from Nike. Nior was teasing him, "Wow, parang Pasko, ah." And I made a lame joke, "Pasko kaya! Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!" I spent way too much this weekend but I'm glad to have spent quality time with my family. We ended our trip with scoops of Sebastian's. Nomnomnom.

After Easter mass, I realized that the Ruffles bag in my room was finally ready to be eaten! Ahh! Surprisingly, I haven't finished off the bag. Sealed it off after popping a few chips alternately with two Toblerone Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Want a bite? (:

Now I shall enjoy what's left of my long weekend catching up on my episodes. Happy Easter! (:


Top 10 John Mayer Songs, Go!

In about a month's time, John Mayer is going to play a show here in Manila. And 4 studio albums, 3 live albums, and 2 EPs later, I suddenly started listening to all the songs I have of his in my iTunes library.

I realize that I like a lot of his old stuff especially the live versions (remember Audiogalaxy?). Love the little snippets of his spiels onstage and the covers that he does before breaking into "No Such Thing" or "Love Song For No One."

Here's an attempt to short list my favorites to 10. In no particular order:
  1. "Neon"
    The very first song I heard. My brother made me listen to it. A trail of ruby red and diamond white is still one of my favorite lines from a song. It sounds so pretty.
  2. "Daughters"
    I've always loved this song (as I am an only daughter) but it took on a different meaning for me when I lost my mom two years ago. I think if I hear this live, I might lose it. O: (Also, it's probably the only song I really like on Heavier Things.)
  3. "Comfortable"
    I think what I like about his songs is how they can be so personal, almost like they were written for you. I remember hearing this song for the first time thinking I would love for someone to say these things to me.
  4. "Why Did You Mess With Forever"
    I have one more thing to ask,
    Was it worth the price you paid
    For my never coming back?
    Why did you mess with forever?

  5. "City Love"
    And I can't remember life
    Before her name

  6. "Love Song For No One"
    Who doesn't like this song? Theme song of all the single people waiting in the world for their other half. Hurry up and get here.
  7. "Sucker"
    And there could be no other way
    'Cause you're so, you're so lame
    Your tired words are all, they're all the same
    If I would walk, I'd surely walk away
    If I wasn't such a sucker for you

  8. "Stop This Train"
    Listened to this song a lot the year I turned 25. I was feeling depressed and unaccomplished and I actually convinced myself that I was only good at being young. I have since realized that I don't need to pressure myself because we all grow up at our own pace.
  9. "Friends, Lovers, Or Nothing"
    I may have made a lot of mistakes in relationships, but I don't regret any of them. If I learned anything though, it's to never settle. Because anything other than yes is no, anything other than stay is go, anything less than "I love you" is lying.
  10. "Back To You"
    I love it when he sings I'm swimming in a sea of faces trying to find my way to you but it's no use in a crowded room where everyone wants you.

What's your Top 10? (:



Holy Week break day 2. I am still sitting in front of the computer because I really need to get working on 2 mock-ups for two entirely different projects that I'm excited to do. Also, I have missed leisurely surfing (hello, Tumblr queue. We meet again!) as I haven't done so the past month. Work has been eating me up, but that's not to say I don't enjoy it. (:

I want to make cupcakes because it's been a while since I've shoved an entire Kahlua cupcake into my mouth—frosting and all. But when Ate Elena was defrosting the refrigerator, I noticed that I'm down to my last cup and a half of flour and the milk carton has been sitting there longer than it should be.

In an effort to write more about what's happening in my life (because sometimes, I forget about all the good things), I will revive this blog. Hopefully, you'll see me here again tomorrow. With lots of happy thoughts and maybe some cupcakes.



I admit, I love reading the comments sections of sites like Pep or Perez. I get a good laugh, that's all. But how strange when your own article's comments section is the topic.

I wrote a silly little list of cartoons before there was cable for a sister site. I suggested maybe 15-20 shows and they shortlisted it to 10 that I would write about.

Some people liked it—even shared it in Facebook. I get thrilled when reading comments (good or bad) because it's always nice to see the reaction of people. Then, I saw this very mean comment that called me "stupid." I got bothered because I've never been accused of not doing research or anything like that. I just thought it was out of line.

I just checked again today and there are new comments about stuff that are "missing" in the list. Can you please check if Shaider, Bioman, or Mask Rider Black are cartoons? Because the last time I checked, they weren't. Also, please read before you comment. Geez, Smurfs is part of the list!

Well, if you don't like the list, why don't you go make your own?