Photo Diary: Macau and Hong Kong

The last time I was in Hong Kong, I was a bright-eyed soon-to-be freshman in college. It was a graduation gift from my parents and all I remember is a ton of walking and a lot of waiting. Mostly because my mother had been searching for beads in side streets.
It was my first time in Macau. It was raining when we walked to St. Paul's Ruins. There were too many people taking pictures so I was content with just having a piece of warm egg tart, trying not to get drenched.

This trip involved a lot of walking, which I didn't mind. At the end of the day, I had a bed with fluffy sheets to sink into.

The sun decided to come out when we spent a day in Hong Kong.

The Peak I remember was nothing like this. But the view was still spectacular from the top.

We spent a lot of time getting lost in this place where everything looked the same. There were Pinoys on gondolas belting out songs. And the roof was perpetually sunny even it was already dark out.

Gail, my travel buddy for the trip. Had tons of fun and I'm super grateful you and your parents let me tag along. (: