I want to start fresh

Finally baked a cake again! (: I am itching to slice myself a piece so I can taste it, but I will wait for my relatives so we can have it for dessert later at lunch.

I can't believe it's only the end of January. I feel like there's just so many things going on! My friend and partner-in-crime at work and I were talking about it one day. How we've got shoot schedules coming out of our ears but it still felt sooo good. We're excited over the little things that we've been trying to do and everyday is just a chance to do, well, more. (:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the beach for work. How awesome is that? It would've been even more fun if all the girls could come. Pfft. I hope it doesn't rain, though. The weather's been pretty unpredictable. Woke up to a super cool morning when just a couple of days ago, it felt like summer!

I can smell the barbecue! Time to hit the shower! (: I missed lunch with titos and titas and my sometimes sungit lola. Hehe. Can't wait to try the cake with them. (: Cross your fingers that it turns out great!


I want to make a ray of sunshine and never leave home without it

Whenever I go through home sections of department stores, I pretend that I'm buying stuff for my own place. I'd get funky-colored pans (my brother and I saw some in Rustan's Makati last year when we were looking for a gift for our friend who got married), pretty plates, and fancy silverware.

Of course, I don't live on my own and will have to settle for buying stuff for the family. So I will settle for window shopping online. Haha!

picture from Angela Adams via Design*Sponge


I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily.

I was looking through the latest issue of our magazine, and realized that an entire month ago, I already set my 2009 goal of Doing More as seen in the Editor's Letter page. Haha!

Sadly, I've only baked a few times since. Okay, once. Haha! Last night, I made white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese frosting for my high school classmate's baby shower (she's having a boy!). I colored the frosting, but it turned out to look like a bright teal than a blue. Oh well. Haha! I am planning to do more baking soon. This super yummy recipe in HTEAC is begging to be made! Be still my Nutella-loving little ♥.

And I cheated. I originally wanted to write more, which meant everyday, but I wasn't able to after the 1st. So I went back 2 days ago and wrote for each day that I missed. Recognize the effort! Hahaha!

As for taking more pictures, I'm hoping for sunny skies and awesome beach weather for the weekend. Let's hope the universe conspires to help me be a better me this year. d:


cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

I packed 30 bags of assorted cookies just as the year was starting. (: Got the packaging idea from a YumSugar post. Isn't it lovely?

I'm looking for a new cake recipe to try. Ideas?


This Year...

I'm not so big on resolutions. I don't think I've actually gone as far as listing down things I swear to do or not do at the beginning of the year. Two years ago, I said I would "try things for the first time." Then last year, I said I would "get things done."

This year, I want to Do More: write more, bake more, love more, live more... you get what I mean.

Because life is just too short and everyday is a chance to do something more.