One last post for 2011

A year summed up in songs. May 2012 bring more music and memories into my life.


New Year's Project: Operation Cleanup

I think the last time I cleaned out my closet and room was 2 years ago. We moved about 2 years ago and I've been in denial since (I still have 2 boxes in my room that remain unopened).

Yesterday, this horrible mess was staring at me. It felt like a challenge and I was finally up to it. Macy vs The Mess, Part 1.

My problem with this closet is I only have a tiny space for clothes on hangers (that small section on the left. As you can see, most of my clothes are on hangers. So I had to figure out which clothes I could fold and keep in neat piles instead.

So I took the pants, jackets, and cardigans off the hangers and folded them. That meant I had closet space for skirts and dresses on hangers!

 I managed to keep my doors clear except for one, where I hung my blazers and vests (I've accumulated 6!).

The casualties: add 3 more plastic bags and 2 huge plastic containers to this pile. I really don't know why I keep holding on to things I clearly have no intention of wearing (like these ridiculous velvet pants, for example). These all went into the loving and welcoming arms of our maid, driver, and houseboy, who were all so excited to venture into my makeshift ukay-ukay. Haha!

Now that's done, time to clear the rest of my room of all the neglected beauty products, paper bags that have been sitting gathering dust, and receipts and dress tags I unintentionally collect. 2012, my room will be ready for your junk in no time. Har har!


Creative Productivity

I had an impromptu DIY shoot at my friend Mikko's igloo (she's from Alaska!) yesterday and ended up with 2 pretty neat accessories.
I'll post a link when the how-to is already up on candymag.com. (: These are projects I've been wanting to try for some time now and I'm glad Mix was game to have a craft day despite the short notice.

We worked up an appetite and ended up having chicken sandwiches for a super early dinner. Gone in 60 seconds! We also treated ourselves to some retail therapy and I ended up with yet another striped shirt (still no red and white, but it was on sale for less than P500) and my very first black bandage skirt, both of which are on my "essential" shopping list!

 Before heading home, we visited our friend and lucked out because her cute little three-year-old Aaliyah was in a great mood. She was taking our photos, blowing out fake candles, and doing her model walk (complete with beauty queen wave!) all night.

A pretty perfect day if you ask me. (:


Baker's Bites: Chocolate Chunk and Pecan Cookies

Had a small block of chocolate left from my cake pop experiment a few months ago (the end product is in the December issue of Candy!), so I decided to chop them into chunks and mix chopped pecans with it into my cookie batter. Delicious chocolate chunks in every bite! Merry Christmas, everyone! (:


Christmas Time Is Here

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Baked cupcakes for my friend Mikko's family. Piped Cream Cheese frosting roses on Red Velvet and Kahlua cupcakes. And topped S'mores cupcakes with Marshmallow frosting. If you're curious about them, hop on over to my Page on Facebook!

Wishful Wednesday

Praying for all those who lost someone this year. Death isnever easy, but I know it's even more difficult to deal with at this time. I pray and hope for peace in your hearts and for love to surround you in all possible ways.

Thoughtful Thursday
I've been using the same planner for the past 2 years and I finally got one for 2012! I  absolutely fell in love with my first Hanna Werning teNeues planner that I've stuck to it for 3 years and counting. Here's to making plans happen in the coming year. I'm so excited for all the adventures!

Fashion Friday

Madewell Spring 2011 {via Nylon}


Songs I Like: Jessie J - "Domino"

First heard this song when my friend Patty was LSS-ing big time. We must've listened to it more than 20 times in a span of a few hours. Heard it again on the radio today and had to go on YouTube to play it. I like this version better, though. (:



In an effort to streamline my closet (although I cannot give up florals, sorry. Haha!), here's my current shopping list. A white shirt with red stripes (I already have a white one with blue stripes and a blue one with white stripes), a silk shirt in white, blue chinos, a black bandage skirt, and nude flats.

Before 2012 rolls around, I'd love to just sit in front of my closet and throw away the stuff I keep saving for I-don't-know-what. If I haven't worn it in a year, I probably won't need it in the next couple of months. Right?

What's on your shopping list?


Ten Things I'm Thankful For Tuesday

Tuesday is one of my favorite days because I was born on a Tuesday ("Tuesday's child is full of grace"). In an effort to revive this blog after so many tries, I'm trying to come up with some regular posts per week so I can keep this thing updated. (:

Starting today, I'll be posting a list every Tuesday about things I'm grateful for. Hopefully, I won't slack off even after the holidays. Haha!

♥ These amazing chocolate cookies I got yesterday. They melt in your mouth and have chocolate bits in every bite. I can't get over them and I'm determined to recreate them!
♥ Exchanging gifts.
♥ Listening to new music.
♥ Trying a new recipe and getting it right! I made red velvet mini-cupcakes for my friend's birthday and my friends loved them.
♥ Waking up just in time for work even if I was up until 2am.
♥ Having just enough time to paint my nails in holiday colors.
♥ Getting a dress on sale.
♥ Finishing everything on my to-do list.
♥ Catching my dad laugh while watching Mr. Bean on late night TV.
♥ Getting a notification that someone liked my photo on Instagram (follow me @macysfields!).

What about you? What are you thankful for?


Holiday Rush

Last year, I was super efficient and got my Christmas shopping done at least a month before Christmas. This year, I panic bought gifts on the last weekend before Christmas eve!

I had a plan, though. To get to the mall right when it opens and get out before the madness starts at lunch time. Got to Megamall at 10:30 this morning and was out by 12:30. Not bad, right? I also rewarded myself with a tall glass of Iced Milk Chocolate from Blenz. Yum!

Speaking of rewards, yesterday was the annual Candy Girls Christmas lunch and pseudo exchange gift day. Some people will think, what a corny idea to pick out gifts and just have your "mommy" pay for it, but it's so much fun! I think we've been doing it for 3 years now.


Aside from picking out a present from my mum Marley (a pretty dress from Love, Bayo that I fell in love with the moment I saw it on their lookbook), I got myself a new wallet from Accessorize (they have a buy 1, get 1 promo going on for regular priced items!) and another floral dress from Mango. Both were on sale so I didn't feel too guilty getting a few gifts for myself, haha. Why is it so hard to stop buying stuff for yourself when you're out gift shopping for other people?

I passed out on my bed after shopping this morning so all my plastic bags remain unopened. I still have to wrap them all up before my friend Alyn's birthday party tomorrow. Will bake mini cupcakes for her dessert table, too! Still haven't decided on a flavor, but I'll figure something out tomorrow.

I've been feeling exhausted the past couple of  days (multiple orders, late nights, etc etc) but I'm getting excited for the holidays! (:



Seems like I've abandoned this blog once again. I'm terribly sorry to my handful of visitors, haha. As of my last blog post, I've been busybusybusy with my brand new oven. A gift that keeps on giving! I'm so happy to be back in the kitchen. If you're a big fan of baked goods, please visit my Page on Facebook! (:

Hope everyone is having an awesome December so far. (:



I don't remember when I stopped obsessing about birthdays. When I suddenly didn't mind that there was no party or that I didn't intentionally make plans for the day. When I forgot that I had to blow out a candle. Or that I had to open gifts.

But I remember how my ordinary birthdays always turn out extra special even when I have nothing planned. I should've known today would be no exception.

All I had planned in my head was to get a trim and hang out with my friends after work. I took a leave and spent all morning catching up on TV shows I missed and having lunch with my dad. Little did I know, a plan (in the making for a month or so!) was waiting to be revealed just hours from that moment.

There was nothing extraordinary about my day. Pizza, pasta, and time with friends was enough for me. Imagine my surprise when I got all that and more.

I'm crying again as I type this, because I'm reminded once again how incredible my life truly is. I have friends who know me well and know exactly what makes me happy. I can't even begin to imagine what I've done to deserve such wonderful, gracious family and friends. I don't know what else to say but thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that's swelling with joy. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

That said, Kahlua cupcakes for everyone soon!!!



Sometimes, I can't be bothered to get out of bed, but I'd been sick for 10 days (10 days!) and I was not about to spend another holiday wasting away. I was feeling much better after the concert so I figured maybe a night out won't be so bad.

Figured out a new way to style my hair. I've been obsessing about Kelly Framel's hair since I decided to start growing out my pixie and I attempted to amplify my waves with my flat iron. (:  Didn't really stay curled too long, but I'm glad my flat iron will see the light of day again (it was so expensive, ack!).

Headed to a new place that didn't make me feel old. No grinding kids on top of each other (I swear this has happened—and not too long ago!), music I can actually sing along to, and more importantly, no smoking (yet, haha)! Kind of glad I decided to go out dancing with my friends. Worth standing in heels for 5 hours. Haha!

Woke up for lunch today and didn't leave my room again till I needed to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness for the holiday. (:

Can't wait for next weekend. Also, November means I'm turning 29 soon. Twenty-nine. Can you believe it?


Meet the Women of the Future

I love anything that's set in the '60s. I sometimes kind of wish I was born then. I love the clothes, the hair, the makeup. Which is why it was no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the new show Pan Am.

It sort of reminds me of Mad Men, but with a bit of espionage on the side. I love that they're always in some new place in every episode. My favorite character is Colette. My heart broke for her in last week's episode—especially that scene when she was trying to make her way up the stairs.

I've never had dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but if I were living in the '60s, I probably would have!

{ photos courtesy of ABC }