Cups of cake

I'm obsessed with cupcakes! If you know of any must-try recipes, point their way to me.

I believe that this is the yummy road to cake-making. It's something I've always wanted to do, but I keep falling short. Huhuhu. I want to be able to make those multi-tiered cakes with deelish icing. Or Devil's Food Cake with Marshmallow Icing. YUM.

Cile and I were talking about KitchenAid (She got a red one, I want a pink one!) and she suggested that I have my mixer Gmasked. HAHAHA! Parang I like. Imagine, my white KitchenAid covered in cherries. Cute! And it won't be as expensive as this pretty baby. At least feeling bago ang mixer. d:

one liners

This reduced me to a bucket of tears last night.

"I'd like to dedicate this award to my mom."

Yun na.

I miss you. ):


look there she goes the girl who's so peculiar

nicked from Lynnzy

Find Out Which Disney Girl You Are!
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Belle

Dancing furniture, singing spoons, and a man who needs a serious haircut - sound familiar? Well it should! Belle was a very independent spirit with alot on her mind, much like you are! But in life, there is a needed balance - learn when to speak your mind, and when to hold it back. Sometimes offending someone isn't the best way to go!


walang problema ang trabaho, pero ang...

Oh, get me away from here, I'm dying
Play me a song to set me free
Nobody writes them like they used to
So it may as well be me

the last time this was my ym status message, was when I was back in my first job HATING it. I resigned a few weeks later. hindi ata ito magandang pangitain.

is the juice really worth the squeeze?


Legendary (:

Feet off the wall
Church in the sky
Across the baywalk

a quickr pickr post

On to more adventures, dear Holga.

I can't wait for next week. Four new babies arriving. And I found a place near my house that develops 120s. No need to go all the way to Sto. Domingo to get my Holga pictures developed. They even scan to CD! Yay! Now, to find a place that develops black and white film. d:


Power of prayer

This is clearly something out of my hands now. I cannot change a person, but I can pray for the person.

Holy Week na nga naman. No more angst.

Also, it has to be mentioned, baking is the greatest de-stresser ever. I love you Banana Nutella Muffins with an extra special surprise! May you make my family happy tomorrow.

Frustrate me some more, why don't you

There are days when I think, everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to fall into place.

And then, just like that, you blow up.

It takes so much to get me riled up. I get along with most people. I don't get mad even if sometimes I get taken advantage of, `cause I'm so damn nice. But there are some people I don't get. It's like they were put in your life a living hell.

I don't see the point anymore. ISA KANG MALAKING HASEL SA BUHAY!

Eto pala dapat ang job description ko: Think of ideas, implement them, and then forget about launching it the way you wanted `cause what you say doesn't matter.



Peechur peechur

My nose is burnt and I have the oddest tan lines even if I didn't go to the beach today.

Tired, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I can't wait to get my film developed tomorrow and see my "legendary" pictures. d: This roll is three months in the making. This roll will make up for my failed attempt in January (with the same roll!). I hope. Exciting!

Good night, world. My body is ready to collapse.



I haven't made cupcakes in a long time. And one of my favorite cupcakes ever are these chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter center. I've made them only twice in my life and both turned out yummy despite being slightly under baked.

Enter this recipe from Delicious Days for Nutella Banana Muffins. I was itching to try out the recipe, so I made it for breakfast today. And because I remembered the Choco Peanut Butter cupcakes I made before, I decided to spoon a dollop of crunchy peanut butter in the middle of my batter.

And oh my goodness. Look at what came out? My dad rolled his eyes before closing them when he took a bite of this. HAHA! Best non-verbal review you can ever get.

Next time, maybe I'll try spooning some chocolate ganache on top.


lucky seven

(from Koree)

1. death
2. being alone
3. becoming an old maid (haha)
4. disappointing people (not people who are disappointing, but I'm afraid of disappointing them. gets?)
5. having people get mad at me
6. but I guess it all boils down...
7. ...to being alone.

1. chocolate (I can live off a jar of Nutella and a spoon, I swear.)
2. loffly music with equally loffly lyrics
3. words
4. looking at pictures
5. spending time with my family and friends
6. the Net and all the wonderful people I've met online (:
7. laughing out loud and non-stop

1. my bed
2. my books
3. my journal
4. my mom's alahas
5. my autographed Jason Mraz CDs hehe
6. my shoes?
7. a box of letters from high school, which are probably yellowish and brittle now.

1. I'm always online.
2. I used to dance the lambada and sing "One Moment In Time" for my parents' friends.
3. we used to sit on the roof of our house in Marikina to watch the motocross across our house.
4. I took art lessons at that studio along White Plains with my brother when we were kids. I was awesome (humble!), but nothing happened to my art since then. d:
5. my YM status is (almost) always a line from a song.
6. I like singing... in the bathroom.
7. I have so many blogs, I've lost count. I only update this one, my LJ, and Multiply these days, though.

1. put up Macy's Fields d:
2. travel as much as I can
3. write a book
4. own an LC-A and take legendary pictures with it
5. fall in love (:
6. get married
7. have kids and grandkids


forty days

up where there's no more pain, up where it's always happy and always light. up where we know you'll always be safe, and where you'll be able to make sure that we're safe, too. up where there are no worries and no regrets. that's where you belong because you're our angel.

we love you so so much. please don't worry about us, we will be fine. (:


Why I Could Grow An Old Maid

him: Hindi kita ma-imagine na may ka-kiss.
me: What!? Sana hindi mo talaga ini-imagine diba?!
him: Hinde, parang forever ka kasing baby sister ko. Parang hindi pwede. Daddy's girl ka na nga, kuya's girl pa.

I don't know whether to cry out of happiness or frustration with this conversation. Ha ha! d:


I don't give a damn, I'm happy as a clam.

I think a huge part of why I'm so happy with work is because of the girls I get to work with. We're like family, like sisters. And to have that kind of comfort taken from you is something I can't understand yet. But I know that two months from now, things will change. An entire floor apart. I can't even begin to imagine.

They won't be there when I need to cry or if I need to talk about something as random as Sour Cream-flavored Tostillas. Because for two whole years, they've been there. For two whole years, we've stuck side by side.

And all of that is going to be taken from us because apparently, we "don't think daily." So, I'm lost. Because where does the part that we have a daily editorial calendar come in? I don't get it. And because I don't want to be a brat about it, I will take it in stride. Because I've learned that sometimes, you really don't get a say in how things go. And there is always, always a double standard. I'm done trying to understand why that is.

Honestly, if it weren't for the promise that one day, we will be reunited with The Sweetest Family, I would so pack my bags and leave. How would you feel when you're constantly reminded that you're not good enough that's why they want to look for someone else to head your team? How would you feel when for two years, you've been told by two different EICs that you're the best person for the job? And just because of one person, all that has to change. Talk about LSE mode.

I can already feel the amount of stress and depression This Dreaded Move will bring me. Sigh. And I haven't even recovered from My Biggest Hump from a month ago.

But you won't see me frowning. I've got a smile on my face (which people are glad to see, finally) and I will be happy. After all, it's just work. I have my life ahead of me. And it's going to be sweet.


March 5, 2008

One of the best days of my life EVER.

Someone up there is really looking out for me. (:


Kids These Days

Today, a fifteen-year-old hit on me, IRC-style. As in "/me asks you to go out" shiz. It's not cute. At all.

And strangers are talking about sex with fifteen-year-old girls.

What is wrong with the world (wide web)?

I feel extremely responsible for the high school teens hanging out on our site. Yikes. How can you ever be absolutely sure that none of them are going to get tricked into meeting up with some stranger who has bad intentions?

You just hope and pray that they're smart enough to know better. But most of the time, they're not. ):