I ♥ Music!

I've only been to a few concerts (the very first one being Ang Gimik The Concert in Ateneo back in grade school, heh). This year, there are rumors (some true) of foreign artists flying over for concerts. The ones I actually want to catch are (in no particular order):

  1. Spice Girls!!!
  2. Justin Timberlake ♥ (I'm watching his FutureLove/SexSounds concert on Velvet right now—may pakinabang din naman pala ang Velvet, haha—and I am SO excited to watch him live. Time to save up! It'll be my birthday gift to myself. Ha ha! Unless someone gives it to me, instead. d:)
  3. Mae ♥
  4. Colbie Caillat (I want to hear "Magic" live!)
  5. Maroon 5 (I will cry and cry because their songs are so weepy, huhuhu - "Nothing Lasts Forever," "Better We Break," "Back At Your Door.")

Five out of (at least) twelve concerts this year isn't so bad, right? But my friend said U2 and Madonna are also coming. What the. How can you not watch them? Ha ha! Good luck sa bank account. d:

* * *

In semi-related music news, I've only recently obsessed about my iTunes library. Because.. (1) I've always used WinAmp to listen to music; (2) I've never owned an iPod `til now that Mikko gave me one. So, I've spent the past two weekends making playlists and adding album art to all the songs in my library (so tiring!). My next project is to copy my friend Mimi and add screen caps of Gossip Girl to the songs in each episode. Ha ha! Aylavet. It's the best pastime EVER.


  1. random girl9:24 AM

    is justin timberlake coming this year? :D

  2. secret. HAHAHA!

    ...oo daw. (: for sure.

  3. I'm really hoping Spice Girls will come here. AS IN!!! Kahit maubos savings ko okay lang. :P

    I'm also a Winamp user and until now eventhough I already have an iPod, I still stick to it. iTunes is so tiring because of the album art - or OC lang tayo? :P I've yet to download those Gossip Girls songs. :P

  4. I heard JT's coming on march. now I'm torn between JT and Incubus.

    waaahh. magastos ang taong ito. T.T

  5. mk: I'm using iTunes for the album art! I love it!

    kame-san: No need to be torn, JT isn't coming in March. d:


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