Baking Mojo

Three strikes and I'm out. Wah.

Two in a row now. First, it was my second try at Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes (I thought self-rising flour was cake flour—apparently, not). So I did the same recipe, this time using the correct flours. I ended up with cupcakes that felt like puto. They looked like cupcakes alright, but when I took a bite out of one of them, it felt wrong. It wasn't until I finished the cupcake that I realized its texture resembled that of a puto's. Dammit.

This morning, I wanted chewy peanut butter cookies. I remember making these from my Mrs. Fields Cookie Book so I whipped out the ingredients and started making the batter. I should've probably worried about my batter looking a bit runny and should've probably lowered my oven's temp at this point.

I only put six cookies on each baking sheet because I knew they'd spread out (I usually put twelve on a sheet).

I didn't think they'd spread out (to the point of some batches becoming one gigantic cookie) that much.

So now, I ended up with crispy-chewy (there's a crunch on the edge but the cookie itself is chewy—I'm guessing because of the amount of sugar in it) too-thin cookies. Sigh.

I'm scared to bake again because I might mess it up! Ugh. I've been wanting to try this recipe for old-fashioned chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow topping all week, but after this, I don't know. Huhuhu! Have I lost my baking magic?


  1. in fairness mukhang masarap pa rin ha. even the cupcake that feels like puto sounds good to me. mmmmm...putocupcake...

  2. hahaha! actually, masarap pa rin naman siya. yun lang hindi mukhang cookie. d:


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