Free day

Now I remember why I've always had perfect attendance. Or how I've never used up any leaves since I started work. I get bored at home so easily. Ha ha! The day isn't halfway done and I've run out of things to do.

Well, there is the business of baking cookies for tomorrow's order. And then, there's half of Forever in Blue that I finally got around to reading! And then, I asked my dad if we could visit mom today. It's their wedding anniversary tomorrow. Thirty years. I can only dream of finding someone I can stay with that long.

And if everything goes according to the master plan in my head, I might get to go ukay shopping today. (: Too bad none of my friends are free to go today. My best friend is back to night shift and my other ukay buddy is en route to Oman (isn't that in the Middle East?) for a show. d:

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