Meet the Women of the Future

I love anything that's set in the '60s. I sometimes kind of wish I was born then. I love the clothes, the hair, the makeup. Which is why it was no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the new show Pan Am.

It sort of reminds me of Mad Men, but with a bit of espionage on the side. I love that they're always in some new place in every episode. My favorite character is Colette. My heart broke for her in last week's episode—especially that scene when she was trying to make her way up the stairs.

I've never had dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but if I were living in the '60s, I probably would have!

{ photos courtesy of ABC }


  1. Pan Am.. I haven't seen this, friend. I may look into this one. Thanks!

    Do visit my blogs as well. Thanks!


  2. I just watched the first 6 eps last weekend and I fell in love with it!!! I think I'd be a flight attendant in the 60s too, if only for the free travel. :)


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