Coming home

When you say homecoming, I immediately think Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Haha! Minus the interpretative dancing, I guess. Oh, wait. Scratch that. I remember a year after we graduated, we attended the homecoming and danced to Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over" (the Spanish version). Hahaha!

I went to two homecomings already. The other one was the expensive dinner in the MPB (Multi-Purpose Building to you, non-Assumptionistas). I don't even remember if we got away with not paying. :P All I remember was that we were super shocked to see the baby sister of our batch mates with the hot brother of our former English teacher. HAHA! Everyone in our table was talking about it. :P Mga chismosa kami eh.

Tomorrow, I'll be seeing my old school up in the mountains.

I remember going back a couple of years ago and not recognizing the cafeteria. It looked like a makeshift jail with all the railings (to discourage singit when lining up for food daw). The students didn't look familiar at all and everything just seemed so detached from me.

I used to think I'd be super popular when I go back to my high school. (cue Romy and Michele: "I invented Post-Its!") That I'd go back and give career talks because I'm some successful product of my school. Haha! Or I used to imagine going to our high school fair with a super hot boyfriend. Hahaha! My God, ano ba `tong dreams ko?!

Fast forward to tonight. I'm actually happy where I am now. I may not be super popular, or I might not be asked to give "expert advice" to high schoolers applying for colleges (oh, and I don't have a super hot boyfriend—no not even a not-so-hot one :P), but I'm happy. (: Happy to know that I'm not perfect and that I am continually growing as a person. This is truly a year of trying things for the first time. And I'm glad I've become that kind of person and not just someone who sticks to the familiar. And I guess going back to my home for thirteen years would be a reminder of what I used to be and how much I've changed (for the better).


  1. Hahaha ang cute mo Macy! I think we all have variations of those dreams as well. :) Post pictures! I've never been to back for the Old Girls Thing, is it fun? What actually happens? Haha sorry ang clueless. :P It's kinda weird though, because whenever I think of Old Girl, I literally think of old people and don't really see myself as one.

  2. More than often, it's quite boring. :P But I'm just going to the Mass this time and hopefully, I bump into some teachers. I see the friends from high school who I want to see, anyway, so I don't need homecoming to see them. :P

  3. haha I meant "more often than not." :P


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