Boo (a.k.a. I think I'm going to get my period soon.)

I don't like it..

  1. when people insist on spelling my name with an "e." It's MACY. Not Macey.
  2. when people I don't know add me on LiveJournal or Friendster just because I'm the sister of my brother.
  3. when my mom gets too stage mother-y. We get it. He's famous.
  4. when people just simply won't reply even after you say, "Please reply to confirm." GEEZUS. How hard is it to type yes or no?!
  5. when all of a sudden, I'm lactose-intolerant. I've always loved milk! Why is it that my tummy feels funny everytime I have coffee from Starbucks, or down a tetra pack of milk. Whyyy?
  6. when I get forwarded messages, which I know are just sent out as a group message. I mean, with the raise of unlimited texting rates, you'd think these forwards would STOP.
  7. when I'm up so early and ready to leave before 8 but I need to wait until 9 because my brothers and I all have to leave together.
  8. when people mock my niceness. I know sometimes, it's supposed to be joke. But it's getting kind of old. So, I'm nice. So what?
  9. ok wala na akong maisip
  10. ahhh! When my ride is late—and they don't tell me that they'll be late. I'm standing outside the mall for 15 minutes already only to find out they're still at home. Grrrr!

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  1. Pareho tayo sa 7 & 10! Since I ride with my Mom now, I almost always end up waiting for her in the morning, and at night. May pagka-workaholic din eh :P


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