Oh, Pushing Daisies, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

  1. Ned, the piemaker, and his luscious pies.
  2. Chuck's pretty dresses and color-coded ensembles. I ♥ them!
  3. Emerson "Pooh" Cod's knitting and "Oh, hell no!" (I couldn't stop LOL-ing when he was calling Olive's money in Episode 5. Ha ha!)
  4. Olive Snook who is all kinds of adorable and her awesome singing voice. Episode 5's jumping on the bed scene is made of WIN!
  5. Jim Dale's narration. It's like hearing a storybook being read out loud.
  6. Young Ned and his hair. I love that it looks like a bowl was put over his head and the scissors just traced around the edge. Haha!
  7. The many variations of Ned/Chuck touching. Bee suits FTW!
  8. Random details like figurines of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys.
  9. The quirky aunts Lily and Vivian who get high on homeopathic pies.
  10. The unbelievable colors. I love that they're so bright and cheery even if every episode is all about, well, death. And life. And yeah, death again. Haha!

Why don't they show this series in the Philippines!? My hard drive is in dire need of resuscitation! Ha ha! I am down to my last 2GB. Yikes.


  1. I love how Olive sang "Hopelessly Devoted to You." :)

  2. Haha yes! I keep playing that song. I loff Kristin Chenoweth!


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