New Digs!

I barely touch the layout of this blog, because I don't understand how the Blogger template works. Ha ha! I used to have such a broad knowledge of HTML. But now? I am reduced to knowing tags limited to customizing how text looks and adding images. Boo.

Nothing really new except for the background (I have a thing for the color grey/gray and diagonal lines) and the header (I also have a thing for clouds, apparently). Some of you might already know that I Google (now, Blackle) for fonts when I'm bored. I am obsessing over the two fonts (sets of font? eh.) you see on the header. I ♥ you, TrashHand and King Cool KC!

A question for YM9 users, does it sometimes not show your status message? Because, among other obsessions, I love changing my status message from time to time. And this morning, if refused to show anything. I quit YM and re-opened it, but it still wouldn't change my status. Harrr.


  1. yesyes!
    same problem here with ym.
    sometimes, I also appear online to others when I'm not.
    tsk. ym should fix their bugs.

  2. yay, thanks for the fonts mace! :D

  3. i love the fonts and your new layout :)

  4. Gel: No prob. That's what happens when you hang around font lover comms in LJ. Hee hee!

    Denden: Aww, thank you ♥


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