Let's Have A Cookie Par-tay!

When I got this in my inbox this afternoon, I thought, "what a great idea."

I'm in love with Penny Brown Smackers, so this Cookie Sandwich was very promising. Especially since I'm sure it isn't very messy to eat.

Then, while my friend and I were discussing it (yes, we take our desserts very seriously), I mused that it would be a nice idea for a party.

My birthday is this Friday and I still haven't planned anything.

What do you think? A Cookie Sandwich party worth trying? I'll just lay out different kinds of cookies and make different spreads. And to counter the sweet, we can lay out crackers and cheese, or something.

Problem is, I'm down to my last thousand and something, because I paid for my brother's tuition (not complaining, merely narrating). So. I guess, it's something to think about for next year's celeb. *sigh*

Sayang. It would've been so "biscuits and tea." (Please say with a British accent. Hee.)


  1. it's almost your bday! happyhappy!

    uy grabe ako naman i paid the rent this month kaya wala na rin akong pera. you will be doubly blessed in time for your cookie bday. good daughter eh :)

  2. that's an awesome idea, sayang naman kung hindi mo itutuloy. maybe you can get some of your friends to sponsor some stuff, like dip... or even tea! so potluck yung cookie party mo :p


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