Spring cleaning

Every year, I usually dump all of the stuff in my closet on my bedroom floor. And then begins the tedious process of yes or no. Will I wear this in the next months, next weeks, next days? If the answer is no, I throw it to the to-be-disposed-of pile. If the answer yes, I fold it neatly and plop it onto the my-current-wardrobe pile.

For two years now, I haven't been doing this so my closet is now bursting with clothes (mostly black haha) that I don't even wear anymore.

My friends Niña and Lani had a rummage sale yesterday at Niña's house but I wasn't able to join them. I didn't get my stuff together and had no way to go all the way to Antipolo. Hehe. This morning, I decided to round up some of my clothes and maybe, if Ziggie is willing to let me hitch with him, I just might be able to get rid of these clothes.

And if not, I will dump everything on my bedroom floor and proceed to do my annual ritual of deciding whether or not my closet will stay this way—a terrible mess—or become a nice organized pile of stuff that I actually wear.


  1. I need to have a good talk with my clothes ulit... there are several pieces i should part with. Kaya lang baka magtampo sila. Waah.

  2. I was totally thinking of you when I was writing this. Haha! And your "conversation with clothes." d:


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