♥ having my Daddy bring me to work
♥ having ice cream with good friends
♥ getting a cheque for something you've written
♥ getting assigned to do another article
♥ a bubblegum float and large fries
♥ a complimentary copy of Grateful
♥ re-connecting with old friends
♥ looking at photo albums (maybe not the actual physical ones, but the feeling is just the same)
♥ listening to music and forgetting about the rest of the world


  1. "getting a cheque for something you've written"

    I see you've met my good friend Mary June. She can be very cranky sometimes. That's why I gave her cake last Christmas so she won't be that cranky anymore to me. But sometimes it's like I never gave her cake (maybe because I ask her everyday if I already have a cheque, I don't know).

  2. hahaha! I went with Mimi so she wasn't at all masungit. :P I'm going to tag along with Mimi na all the time. Sabi nga niya na people give Mary June cake and food daw pero wala, masungit pa din siya. Hahaha!


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