Daddies ♥

He must be such a family man. When asked who his fave model was, he proceeded to describe him as "this tall," gesturing a few feet up the ground, and that he was only so many months old. He was talking about his son, Jack. Aww. ♥ What a daddy. Hehe!

Speaking of dad's, it's my favorite boy's birthday today! For the past couple of weeks, I've been asking him what he wanted but he would always just shrug like he didn't know what he wanted. So this morning, when they came back from Mass, I sang to him—in my over-sized shirt, messy hair, and morning breath—the most awful "Happy Birthday" song. Hahaha! He laughed and sang along. I ♥ my Daddy! There are days I still wonder, though, what life would be like if that moment didn't happen eight-turning-nine years ago.

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