This Week on Instagram

I recently signed up for this neat site that loads all my Instagram photos in one page.

So, my week in a nutshell: My friends' book launch. Trying out a new chicken place (strangely enough, I loved the battered shrimp). Baked Red Velvet cupcakes. Went with my BFF to get her trial makeup done—she's getting married on Saturday! I've been taking photos of #whatIworetoday for an entire month. Painted my nails nude, but had to remove the polish because it got bubbly. ): Discovered a new app that makes the prettiest collages. Snoopy's Street Fair updaaaate!

Add me on Instagram! My username's macysfields, what's yours?


  1. I love all your photos and thank you for sharing Instagrid and Collage Day :)

  2. a week's life story through pictures! :) without words, it encourages viewers to be their very own storytellers! :)


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