Happy Thoughts

Completing silly projects like wearing a pair of sneakers every day. (I am still missing one pair but am not in the mood for sneakers today.)

Having a cup of instant hazelnut mocha. My brother went crazy at a duty free shop a couple of weekends ago and this was part of his loot.

Putting my fate in my hands. A DIY nail job with alcohol and newspaper.

A family I'm so blessed to be a part of. Celebrating Father's Day with my boys and getting complimentary headphones (well, I sort of begged for them) from my brother. Good thing I didn't but that ridiculously expensive pair I was eying!

A happy long weekend perfect to fuel another long week ahead.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    oh to have kuyas you can beg stuff from haha. :) glad you had lots of happy thoughts!

  2. HAHA! It was actually from my youngest brother! He gets lots of freebies and this one happened to be pink. By default, I get all things pink!


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