Mothers be good to your daughters

Dear God,

Please do not scare me like you did last night. I am not equipped with the skills to deal with "Hindi ako makahinga." I am not strong enough to see my mother panting in her sleep. I am not ready to take care of my mother like this. Please make her better and take her pain away. Please. It's the only thing I wish for right now. If it takes several nights of sleeping past midnight, because I am rubbing her back so she can breathe, I will do it. But please, make it all better for her. I don't like seeing her in discomfort. She is my mother. She's supposed to be invincible.



  1. our deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. stay strong macy...

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM


    i remember the time i had to rush my mother to the ER :( aww macy, i'll pray for your mom and your entire family

    may our awesome lord grant your prayers right at this very moment


  3. My condolences, Macy *hug*

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  5. your family's in my prayers mace.
    stay strong... *HUUUUG*


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