I love you, PG!

I still can't believe I watched this. Live. In Ateneo. With my friends. LIVE. Ha ha!

And we obsessed over it for MONTHS. We had a VHS of the show when they aired it. And we memorized "Power of the Dream" and copied the dance to "My Boo." God. So many teenybopper memories.

I watched all 11 parts on YouTube this morning and I swear I still got kilig when Patrick Garcia says, "Crush ko lahat ng babae dito." OMG. So you can imagine the heartbreak I felt when news broke that he got this girl pregnant. Sigh. (But I hear they're not together anymore!)


  1. haha. I used to watch that too. the best yan. pati yung movie.;p

  2. Le sigh. I had a crush on him the first time I saw him in his Ovaltine commercial :D


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