Daydreaming of Someday

Music Monday

Been listening to this all weekend! Heheheyyy. Not exactly the best song lyrics, but it's so catchy and this cover by Vampire Weekend is  awesome!

Tasty Tuesday
Crazy good macarons from Mrs. Graham's Bakery. This one was the inside-out s'mores. Absolutely loved the Brie with Truffle Oil & Honey!

Wishful Wednesday
{ Source: Lonny

Thoughtful Thursday
 Follow me on Instagram for more hand lettering attempts, hehe.
Fashion Friday
Matchy sandals with Mikko who's back from her Alaskan escape. Join her Craft Huddle this weekend! Stationery making plus a free craft puncher comes with the workshop fee. Woohoo!

* weekly-themed post adapted from That's Chic

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