Baker's Bites: Happy 87th Birthday, Lola!

My dad's mom turned 87 last Saturday. Baked her some chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies to share with everyone for lunch. I love making chocolate chip cookies! They're always a big hit as proven by the crumbs left from the dozen I left for the house. My dad says the box we gave lola was also wiped out. Hooray!
I usually cut up the butter into blocks before creaming so that the mixer doesn't have a hard time whipping it. I also cream the butter a few minutes before adding the sugars. Usually, recipes tell you to mix the white and brown sugar first or cream all three ingredients together. I don't know. This technique just seems to work better for me.

I like that the cookies stay almost the same shape as I scooped them whenever I use a silicone mat. They kind of just flatten a little which results in...

...perfect cookies—all the time!

They were just the right kind of chewy and the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips were ooey gooey. Can't wait to make another batch. What are your favorite cookie recipes? Care to share?

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  1. camille11:24 AM

    Hi Macy! I would just like to ask where do you buy your peanut butter chips? :) The cookies look yummy! :D

  2. Hi, Camille! I got the peanut butter chips from Shopwise Libis if I remember right. They usually stock in Rustan's and S&R as well! (:

  3. These look awesome. I haven't made cookies yet because I always seem to ruin them. Haha. I should get myself a silicone baking mat too. :)


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