My friend Marla sent me a link to this blog with a note: "Feeling ko ganito ka when you get married. Pa-picnic picnic. Pa-picture picture. Pa-vintage vintage. Ang saya! :)" (I think you'll be like this when you get married. Going on picnics, taking pictures, wearing vintage. So much fun!)

And true enough, the more I read her blog, the more I realize how alike we are! (That sounds creepy, but I assure you, it's not!)

She draws and posts what's in her bag. Likes the same music I listen to: Mates of State, Sondre Lerche, She & Him (ahhh, totes jealous that she got to watch a show!). Has a lomo cam. We have the same hair. She bakes! We have the same glasses.

Now all I have to learn is how to sew, make bows, and find a husband and my future is all set. Hahaha!

*life peg girl - as coined by Marla


  1. haha! I can't agree more.

    Now, go find your own version of "Cole", and get two dogs :)

  2. Ha, I love this! You're so sweet. I really do recommend finding a "Cole," they make everything that much sweeter. And a "Wellie" and "Pip" don't hurt either. ;)

    Lulu Letty


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